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Vladimir Putin confirmed the priority of the development of the Far East in the XXI century - EastRussia | Far East






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Vladimir Putin confirmed the priority of the development of the Far East in the 21st century

Russian President Vladimir Putin, delivering a message to the Federal Assembly on Thursday, said that the economic and social development of the Far East continues to be a trend of Russian state policy, the message of the Ministry of Regional Development said.

One of the priorities will be the formation of favorable conditions for doing business, attracting investments. "We will continue the active policy of attracting investments, forming social and economic growth centers in the Far East," the ministry press service quotes the head of state.

As noted, one of the current topics for the Far East is the formation of powerful transport arteries linking the country into a single whole. Currently, the construction of a highway is underway, which will become an important part of the Europe-Asia-Pacific corridor. Particular attention should be paid to the development of BAM and Transsib. "For six years and a half times, up to 180 million tons, the capacity of BAM and Transsib will increase. Containers will be delivered from Vladivostok to the western border of Russia in seven days. This is one of the infrastructure projects, which will give a quick economic return. There are loads there, and all investments will pay off very quickly and will contribute to the development of these territories. The volume of transit container traffic on our railways should increase almost fourfold. This means that our country will be one of the world leaders in transit of containers between Europe and Asia, "the president said. Earlier it was reported that the project of modernization of BAM and Transsib was being implemented since 2013. On the development of railways of the Eastern testing range, up to 2020, 562 billion rubles are planned, of which, within the boundaries of the Far East Railroad, 236 billion rubles are planned to be developed. or 42% of the total investment.

The message also sounded that the Russian Federation was to resolve the issue of turning the Northern Sea Route into a competitive transport corridor. "The Northern Sea Route will be the key to the development of the Russian Arctic, regions of the Far East. By 2025, its cargo traffic will increase by 10 times, to 80 million tons. Our task is to make it a truly global, competitive transport artery. Pay attention, in Soviet times, more actively used than we did in the previous. But we will increase and we will reach new frontiers. There is no doubt about it, "Vladimir Putin stressed.

An important direction should be the development of the social sphere. "We will create all conditions for people to live comfortably here, come here to increase the population of the Far Eastern regions," the ministry quotes the president as saying that the cultural and infrastructure development of the Far Eastern Federal District has been identified as the most important policy directions in the East of Russia. In particular, great importance is attached to the development of digital communication technologies, by 2024 in the Russian Federation there will be practically universal quick access to the Internet. "Construction of fiber-optic communication lines will be completed to the majority of settlements with a population of more than 250 people, and remote, small settlements of the Far North, Siberia and the Far East will have stable access through a network of Russian satellites," Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

The ministry specifies that 44 points of growth are defined in the Far East. To build their social infrastructure from the federal budget for three years will be allocated more than 55,6 billion rubles. Two weeks ago, the government of the Russian Federation considered plans for the development of social infrastructure and decided to support the construction, modernization, reconstruction of social facilities in all nine regions of the Far East. Part of the funds will be used to form the infrastructure of future settlements formed within the framework of the Far Eastern Hectare program.