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Emissions polluting the atmosphere and the water environment will be determined automatically - the governor - EastRussia | Far East






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Emissions polluting the atmosphere and the water environment will be determined automatically - the governor

The Governor of the Irkutsk Region Sergei Levchenko at the meeting of the Government of the Angara River set the task - when implementing the "Safe City" system in the region, sensors recording pollutant emissions into the air and the water environment should work online

Emissions polluting the atmosphere and the water environment will be determined automatically - the governor
- A large amount is planned for the program "Safe City", over 1,5 billion rubles. It is necessary to set the task, first before the designers, and then before the executors, so that without the participation of a person we understand the situation with the concentration of harmful emissions and take decisions either to stop ecologically hazardous industries or to exert financial influence on the violators. We plan to start implementing this project from early September, I think that next year we will already get the necessary results, "the head of the region said.

According to the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Irkutsk Region Andrei Kryuchkov, Priangare ranks third among the industrial regions of the Siberian Federal District for emissions of pollutants into the air, their volume in 2015 amounted to 638,9 thousand tons. For comparison: this indicator in the Krasnoyarsk Territory amounted to 2 million 255 thousand tons, in the Kemerovo region - 1 million 331 thousand tons, the press service of the regional government reports.

- The analysis showed that since 2012, there is a tendency to reduce emissions of regional enterprises from stationary sources. This is due to the fact that large-scale energy enterprises, metallurgy of the pulp and paper industry are modernizing production facilities, installing and replacing gas cleaning equipment, and closing a number of industries with outdated technologies. The number of sources with established standards for maximum permissible emissions is increasing, - said Andrei Kryuchkov.

The payment for the negative impact on the environment in the consolidated budget of the region last year amounted to about 738 million rubles. At the same time, 48% accounted for emissions to the air by stationary and mobile sources, 38% - to discharges of pollutants into water bodies, 14% - to waste disposal.

Speaking about the work of the Ministry of inventory of unauthorized dumps, Andrei Kryuchkov noted that by the end of last year 724 of such objects with a total area of ​​about 19 thousand hectares and waste volume of almost 298 thousand m X NUMX were liquidated. 3 landfill sites to be eliminated - 600 thou. Ha. At the same time, the amount of garbage accumulated there is estimated at more than 6,4 mln m1,3.

Regional Ministry of Environment 8 July this year on the Russian procurement website posted a notice of an electronic auction to develop a territorial scheme for the treatment of waste, including municipal solid waste. The initial (maximum) contract price is 20 million rubles. The auction is to be held on July 29. The development of a territorial scheme for waste management is included in the list of powers transferred to the level of the subjects of the Russian Federation due to changes in federal legislation. In addition, the region will have to select an operator for solid municipal waste.