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Yuri Dyakov: One of the serious obstacles to private entrepreneurship is the low efficiency of local officials - EastRussia | Far East






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Yury Dyakov: One of the serious obstacles to private entrepreneurship is the low efficiency of work of local officials

In Moscow, the All-Russian Forum "Small Business - National Idea?" Was held, in which along with other representatives of the regions of the country took part the head of the Sakhalin branch "Support of Russia" Yuri Dyakov

Yury Dyakov: One of the serious obstacles to private entrepreneurship is the low efficiency of work of local officials
The focus of the forum was on the problems of lack of access to cheap loans, administrative barriers, problems of marketing and finding buyers. Thematic round tables were held on topics such as the effectiveness of state policy regarding small business, revising the concept of control and supervision of activities regarding small business, changing the sectoral structure of small business towards a non-commercial sector, legalizing small business, including the self-employed, etc.

The main speaker of the event was Russian President Vladimir Putin, who noted that the formation of mechanisms for supporting small business will continue.

“I would like to note that the very name of your association has a great meaning. Indeed, we always talk about it: small and medium businesses should be the pillar of economic development in our country, ”said Vladimir Putin.

The head of state noted that the past year was a year of trials for small and medium-sized businesses, but the business survived.

"The number of registered commercial organizations in the small business during the 2015 year increased by 2,9 percent, and individual entrepreneurs, by 3,7 percent. Modest growth is and by revenue. For example, in small business manufacturing enterprises in January-September 2015 years - plus 8 percent to the same indicator 2014 year. In the wholesale trade for this period - plus 4,5 percent, "- said the President of the Russian Federation.

“I agree with my colleagues in the forum that one of the major obstacles to the development of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) is the low efficiency of the work of local, regional and municipal officials,” said Yury Dyakov, in his speech, the press service of the Sakhalin branch said "Supports of Russia".

Y. Dyakov advised local officials and deputies to listen to the recommendation of the head of state, who reminded that the regions have the right to introduce certain tax breaks for individual entrepreneurs. For the first time in the modern history of the country, an annual procurement market is created for small and medium-sized businesses with 3 trillion rubles per year. It is very important to connect government agencies to monitor the observance of the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in this market.

"If you do not use these and other mechanisms to stimulate small and medium-sized businesses, the plans of the Ministry of Economy will remain only on paper," said Dyakov.

The Deputy Minister of Economy, Oleg Fomichev, said at the forum that the final goal of the ministry’s strategy for developing SMEs to 2030 was to increase its turnover 2,5 times, doubling the share of manufacturing in the SME structure and increasing the share of people employed in the small sector from 25% to 35% .