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For the damage caused to aquatic bioresources, henceforth it is necessary to pay

Harm to the water space and, in general, aquatic biological resources, the enterprises of the country will henceforth compensate in monetary form

For the damage caused to aquatic bioresources, henceforth it is necessary to pay
The Russian Fishery Agency is developing a mechanism for compensation for damage to aquatic bioresources in cash. At the same time, it is proposed to tighten the responsibility of enterprises for non-performance of compensatory measures, reports Fishnews.

Translating the natural form of compensatory measures into monetary will help to remove the main problems of the reproduction complex, in particular, it will relieve the business of non-core activities, increase the transparency of the mechanism and allow creating an additional fund for expanding fish production capacity. This was stated by the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Ilya Shestakov in Zvenigorod as part of the All-Russian Conference on the Conservation of Aquatic Bioresources and their Habitat.

Currently, in order to compensate for the harm caused to aquatic biological resources, business entities are obliged to carry out measures for the release of fry, reclamation and other works. However, the effectiveness of such actions is low. Over the past five years, losses from the activities of enterprises are estimated at 54 thousand tons of aquatic biological resources, of which no more than 25 thousand tons are compensated for by artificial reproduction.

As Fishnews was told in the press service of Rosrybolovstvo, the agency intends to develop and implement "rating lists" of priority aquaculture facilities for release in specific basins, as well as to switch to a three-year program for reproduction. In addition, it is planned to provide an opportunity for enterprises that do not have their own fish-breeding facilities, to compensate for damage at the expense of cash. The corresponding bill has been developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and Rosrybolovstvo and is now undergoing a procedure for coordinating with the interested authorities.

“According to the document, only enterprises which, like our fish breeders, have their own capacities, can make releases independently. The accumulated compensation money will go, including the construction of new fish-breeding facilities, which will allow to carry out all measures for the preservation of aquatic biological resources in time and increase releases within the framework of state orders, ”said Ilya Shestakov.
At the same time, he noted the need to strengthen administrative responsibility for non-performance of compensatory measures. This issue Rosrybolovstvo is going to work with the legislature and law enforcement agencies. “As it is a question of causing damage to the state, then, possibly, the occurrence of criminal liability will also take place,” the head of the FAR added.