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Transbaikal residents give more than 4 million rubles to false builder - EastRussia | Far East






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Transbaikal residents gave the false builder more than 4 million rubles

Transbaikal residents gave the false builder more than 4 million rubles
Special project Financial literacy

A criminal case was brought in Transbaikalia for an 33-year-old local resident who, having no equipment and no workers, promised his clients to build houses. He collected more than four million rubles on orders, but did not erect a single house.

According to the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, the false builder found clients on the Internet. People responded to his announcement, because the price was significantly lower than the market, and the timing of the work was short.

A resident of the village Shelopugino concluded a contract with him for the construction of a house and gave more than one million rubles. To give the full amount, a woman took a loan from a bank. The "Builder" created the appearance of the work that had begun - he erected a fence, foundation and log house for the amount of 500 thousand rubles, and stole the rest of the money. In the same way, he received even more than four million rubles from gullible Transbaikal residents. Now he faces up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to one million rubles.

“The pseudo-builder faces imprisonment and a fine, but in fact, criminal prosecution in this situation is not the best way out, because a person deprived of his liberty will be deprived of income that may interest victims,” says an expert on the information portal Zhilfin.rf (in as part of the project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia on financial literacy) Lolla Kirillova.

According to her, victims can recover their losses in a civil court. Even if there is no property that could be enforced, they can receive a writ of execution, on the basis of which the culprit will pay them some amount from his income every month.

“As a rule, there are no guarantees that a private house will be built. Theoretically, it is possible to demand a bank guarantee from builders in case they fail to fulfill their obligations. But who will do this? ”, Said Lolla Kirillova.

In order not to have such a story, the expert advises studying the reputation of builders, in no case should a large advance be prescribed in the contract. But what should be prescribed is the stages, after the adoption of which, you need to transfer money. In order for the house to be built, you need to monitor the object, and give most of the amount for work only after its completion.