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Life under the dome: the seaside "hectare" erects a cottage-hemisphere - EastRussia | Far East






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Life under the dome: the seaside "hectare" erects a cottage-hemisphere

The recipient of the "Far Eastern hectare" Vladimir Stolyarov builds a house on his section of the dome technology. Under construction of a two-storey cottage-hemisphere with an area of ​​about 200 sq. M. meters, the Primorians chose the land in the village of Terekhovka of the Nadezhda District.

The structure is a frame house of round shape and has a self-supporting structure - it does not require bearing walls and supports. According to the project, the house will have 27 windows. As the press service of the Minsk region informs, after the completion of construction Vladimir intends to move into new housing with his family and engage in animal husbandry.

According to the recipient of a hectare, the round shape of the house allows to save on construction materials: the domed house consists of triangular elements docked together. The special circulation of air in the building is also an advantage: air does not accumulate in the corners, therefore for heating sufficiently warm floors. For heating the house is planned to use a two-circuit system - on gas and solar collectors. At the moment, Vladimir insulates the house with an innovative ecowool, plans to tile the building with tiles.

In the future, Vladimir Stolyarov is going to occupy an empty niche in the market and offer dome houses to residents of Primorye.