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Chukotka's graduates can not leave for almost a week due to failures of VIM-Avia

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The leadership of Rosaviatsiya to choose the measures of influence on the airline VIM-Avia was approached by the head of the Amur Region

The situation with the delayed flights of the airline VIM-Avia on the route Blagoveshchensk-Moscow-Blagoveshchensk, forced the head of Priamurye Alexander Kozlov to address the head of Rosaviation Alexander Neradko

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Air transport from the Far East will be subsidized by 9 companies - Rosaviatsia

Air transportation from the Far East for airlines "Aeroflot", "ALROSA", "Yakutia", "Ikar", "Taimyr", "Siberia", "Ural Airlines", "VIM-Avia" and "UTair" will be subsidized to the sum of 3,25 billion Rubles

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the two airlines appointed regular carriers to China

Rosaviatsiya published the notes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, from which it follows that the airline "VIM-Avia" and "IrAero" are appointed by regular carriers for certain routes to China

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VIM-Avia to fly from Anadyr to Moscow in April

Airline "VIM-Avia" with 18 April will begin air transportation of passengers and cargo on the route Moscow - Anadyr - Moscow

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VIM-Avia plans to fly daily from Magadan to Moscow in the summer of 2016

The airline VIM-Avia declares its intentions to fly from Magadan to Moscow every day during the holiday season 2016

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The number of flights on the route Khabarovsk-Moscow will increase

In connection with the termination of Transaero Airlines flights in October, the government of the Khabarovsk Territory is taking measures to attract new air carriers to this route.

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Availability and reliability of air transportation - a critical issue for the Far East - Galushka

The plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev instructed the Ministry of Transport, representatives of airlines and administrations of the Far Eastern regions to develop a package of measures to keep air travel from the Far East at 2014

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Blagoveshchensk will connect with Moscow three airlines

Three airlines will operate 13 flights a week on the Blagoveshchensk-Moscow-Blagoveshchensk route, according to the Ministry of Transport of the Amur Region

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Monopolistic directions of Transaero switched to the wing of VIM-Avia, UTair and Ikara

The fate of three direct Far Eastern routes from Moscow - to Anadyr, Blagoveshchensk and Magadan - completely dependent on the monopolist of these areas of Transaero, required the intervention of Rosaviatsia

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The air communication between Khabarovsk and Moscow was taken under personal control by the governor Vyacheslav Shport

At the moment, it is not possible to purchase economy class air tickets from the Khabaros region to the European part of Russia until November 15

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Alexander Kozlov recommended employees of the company "VIM-Avia" to recall the culture of passenger service

Airlines planning to work with the regions of the Far East will have to pay attention to the culture of passenger service. The company "VIM-Avia" has already received a number of comments from the governor of the Amur region, Alexander Kozlov

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Residents of the Amur region until March 2016 will fly to Moscow by Ikar airlines

From 26 October 2015 on 26 March 2016 between Blagoveshchensk and Moscow will fly the airline company "Icarus" (Pegas Fly), replacing the earlier flying "VIM-Avia"

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Already three aviation companies will fly to the Magadan Region

In the situation that has developed in a number of regions of the Far East after leaving the Far Eastern airspace of Transaero, regional administrations are actively coming into contact with representatives of aviation companies.

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The final flights of the Transaero aircraft on the Kolyma are under the operational guidance of Aeroflot

Two new subsidized air routes "Magadan-Khabarovsk" and "Magadan-Novosibirsk" appeared in the Magadan region. The current situation with air routes is stable.

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