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The cinema hall of the Transbaikal Theater has become a leader in population coverage in the Far Eastern Federal District

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APR Leaders Visit Eastern Economic Forum

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The race in support of rare animals will be held as part of the WEF in Primorye

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The program of the international film festival “Pacific Meridians” became known.

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Graduates of the Yakut schools will study at the famous Shchepkinsky school

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Cinemas in the Khabarovsk Territory will be repaired at a federal expense

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Innovative production of "Nastasya" checked the faith of Muscovites in God

The theater season in Moscow ended with the release of the philosophical production of Nastassja. The author of the play and director Anastasia Martzinkovskaya plans to stage the play in many cities, including in the Far East.

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The authorities of Transbaikalia began searching for a contractor for the reconstruction of the Drama Theater in Chita

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VTB launches acquiring service at the Bolshoi Theater

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Buryatia and Transbaikalia will receive money for the reconstruction of cultural sites

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On the reconstruction of the drama theater in Transbaikalia will spend more than one billion rubles

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VTB showed orphans from Vladivostok behind the scenes of the Mariinsky Theater Primorsky Stage

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Cinema Foundation helped to modernize two cinemas in Transbaikalia

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Dialogue of young diplomats of APR countries will be held at WEF-2018

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Participants of the WEF will discuss the development of energy cooperation in the Far East

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Perspectives of promotion of Russian products to APR countries will be discussed at the WEF

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Buryat Opera and Ballet Theater caught on unreasonable payments 63 million bonus

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Valentina Matveenko promised to help the drama theater in Chita

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A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships conducted counter-terrorism exercises in the East China Sea

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A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships completed a visit to the Philippines

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A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships arrived in the Philippine port of Manila

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Frontier ship "Commander" will take part in the forum of coastal guards of the Asia-Pacific countries

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A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships completed a visit to Thailand

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A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships arrived at the port of Cambodia

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A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships is sent to the campaign in the Asia-Pacific region

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Export revenue of the timber industry of the Khabarovsk Territory in 2017g increased by 21%

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British Aggreko presented technology projects for energy supply of isolated villages

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The design of the new deepwater pier on Paramushir is scheduled for 2019g

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MAH conducted a tour presentation for representatives of the airlines of the Asia-Pacific Region and tour operators

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Gazprom thought about reducing the planned capacity of the LNG plant in Vladivostok in 10 times

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Security in the APR threatens US missile defense and disproportionate growth of military potentials - Shoigu

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Khabarovsk Territory expects to export two exporters per year to foreign markets

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Sakhalin Energy is looking for sales channels for LNG III of Sakhalin-2 in the APR

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Vladimir Putin in the final VEF-2017 outlined the goals of economic development

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Khabarovsk authorities intend to help producers with access to Asian markets

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Mariinsky Theater on the way to the WEF will give a tour in Khabarovsk

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The program of the festival of contemporary art "Territory. Magadan »

At the festival "Territory. Magadan "(29 August - 3 September) will perform groups of Moscow and regional theaters.

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“Vostochny Port” in the first half of 2017 increased coal transshipment by 4%

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Sakhalin Uglegorsk is included in the territory of the free port of Vladivostok

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"Russian Coal" plans to increase capacity in connection with the forecast of growth in demand in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Minvostokrazvitiya proposes to reduce insurance premiums for investors in the Far Eastern Federal District

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Khabarovsk Territory presented its TORs at the IV Russian-Chinese Expo

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Mining gives 84% of industrial products and 56% of the budget of the Magadan region

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The Russian company for the first time delivered live fish to the APR countries

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Far East awarded the awards of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of culture for the play "Cruiser"

The prizes of the Government of Russia in the field of culture were awarded to Yefim Zvenyatsky, director and artistic director of the Primorsky Academic Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky, and Valentin Pikul, theater artist Valentin Zaporozhets, for creating the play “Cruiser”.

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Ministry of Energy: Russia and the APR countries can exchange surpluses of electric power

Russia, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea and China are now working on integrating their networking systems into the Great Asian Energy Ring.

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Against the background of traffic growth in the APR, Vladivostok Airport increased passenger traffic by 9%

Passenger traffic of JSC "Vladivostok International Airport" in 2016 increased by 9% compared to 2015 year - up to 1,85 million people.

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Far Eastern Federal University supports initiatives to integrate Russia and the Asia-Pacific region

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The seventh youth sports games of APR countries started in Primorye

Six participating countries, seven sports - Seventh Youth Sports Games of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region were inaugurated in Primorye

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The largest economic platform of the Asia-Pacific region will be the second Eastern Economic Forum

At a briefing at the Russia-ASEAN summit, the Russian Minister for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Galushka, spoke about preparations for the second Eastern Economic Forum.

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Vladimir Putin invited to the Second Eastern Economic Forum of the President of ABIA

At the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with ABI President Jin Liqun, held in Sochi, the participation of the Asian Bank for Infrastructure Investments in the development of the Northern Sea Route was discussed. This was announced at the briefing by the Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Galushka, who took part in the negotiations

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Vietnam invariably remains one of Russia's key partners in the APR - Sergei Naryshkin

Vietnam invariably remains one of Russia's key partners in the Asia-Pacific region, State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin said

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Stock markets ATR traded in negative territory on news from Japan and China

Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region (APR) on Friday traded in the "red" zone, as among investors on the first day of the second quarter of the current year wary mood prevails, which are strengthened by weak economic indicators for the Japanese market and ambiguous statistics from China

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After strong growth on the eve of differently closed stock markets ATR

Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region (APR) ended Thursday's trading in a mixed direction after significant growth the day before, which caused "pigeon" statements by the head of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) Janet Yellen

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Participants of the Asian Forum in China received an invitation from Russia to visit WEF

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich invited the participants of the Asian Economic Forum in Chinese Boao to the Eastern Economic Forum and St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and looks forward to a constructive dialogue between the APR countries and Russia to enter a qualitatively new level of economic growth

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On the weakening of the yen, the ATR exchanges

The stock exchanges of the Asia-Pacific region (APR) finished trading on Tuesday in a multidirectional dynamics, as comments by a number of representatives of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) on the monetary policy in the country a day earlier led to a weakening of the yen against the dollar during Asian trading and strengthened Volatility in the markets of the region

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Exchanges of Asia-Pacific, except for Japan, are traded in positive territory at the decision of the US Federal Reserve

According to the data of the auctions, the stock exchanges of the Asia-Pacific region (APR), except for Japan, show positive dynamics on the last working day of the week, continuing to win back the results of the meeting of the Federal Reserve System (FRS)

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At the decision of the Bank of Japan, the ATR exchanges closed mainly with a fall

The stock exchanges of the Asia-Pacific region (APR) finished trading on Tuesday mainly negative dynamics, except for exchanges in Shanghai, against the backdrop of the decision of the Bank of Japan to keep the policy rate unchanged,

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Cooperation with China does not replace, but complements cooperation with Western countries: Russian Ambassador to China

The expansion of cooperation with the APR countries, in particular with China, complements ties with the West, and does not replace them. Russia is open to dialogue with all countries that show interest in this, said the Russian Ambassador to China

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The abolition of gas supplies to Japan leads to structural changes in the global LNG market

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) market changed in 2011, when Japan eventually shut down all its nuclear reactors after the Fukushima tragedy. To compensate for the shortage of energy produced, Japan increased the consumption of liquefied natural gas, thereby raising the price of LNG in the Asia-Pacific region to an unprecedented level

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"Rakhmaninov Festival" first came to the Far East

All concerts of Sergei Rachmaninov for pianoforte and "Rhapsody on Paganini" will be heard by connoisseurs of music in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok

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TTP member states to sign a partnership agreement in Oakland

The trans-Pacific partnership is a trade pact, which implies the complete abolition of customs duties on goods and services in the Asia-Pacific region

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The change in the state program of social and economic development of the Far East will not affect the estimated amount of financing

According to the decision of the President of the Russian Federation, measures to develop and modernize the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian highways, together with the amounts of budget financing, are transferred from the Federal Program "Economic and Social Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region for the Period to 2018" into the State Program "Development of the Transport System". Corresponding adjustments of both state programs should be approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in 1 quarter 2016 year

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Primorsky Mariinsky will be led by conductors with world names

Valery Gergiev gave the names of the specialists who will lead Maritime Primorsky Marinka - they are well known to Russian and foreign music lovers.

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Since 1 January 2016 r the Opera and Ballet Theater in Vladivostok will become the Mariinsky Seaside Stage

Primorsky Theater of Opera and Ballet in Vladivostok since 1 January 2016 year acquires the status of the Primorsky stage of the Mariinsky Theater and intends to increase the troupe

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Students and staff of FEFU will receive special subscriptions to the Mariinsky

The agreement on cooperation was signed by 5 December, the State Academic Mariinsky Theater and the Far Eastern Federal University during the meeting of artistic director of the Mariinsky Valery Gergiev with the seaside community. Khudruk Mariinsky stressed that the emphasis in the work of the branch will be placed on work with children and youth

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The resources of the Asian market over the past year have become the main investment base, at 90% providing the needs and interests of Russian business

On the eve of his trip to the G20 summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the so-called "turn to the East" in the Russian economy in an interview with the "Interfax" and "Anadolu" agencies

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In Vladivostok at the International Forum of Environmentalists of the APR countries will discuss the problem of pollution of the Pacific Ocean

Understanding that the Pacific Ocean could soon be threatened by an environmental catastrophe, brought together in Vladivostok environmentalists from the APR countries

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Projects on exports from Russia to the APR countries will receive state support

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Maxim Shereykin: The main thing for us is not to deceive investors' confidence

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Alexei Chekunkov: The creation of tourism objects is a matter of private capital

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Farmers need ports

In the Far East, the problem of transportation, storage and transshipment of agricultural products was identified

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Far East Window to Asia Pacific

FEFD is becoming an increasingly attractive partner for Asia-Pacific countries

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From the shell of the complexes

Director Olga Taranova on how and why the theater environment helps difficult adolescents and people with mental disabilities

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India in Northeast Asia

Dmitry Shelest on the prospects for the development of the second Asian giant after China

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Development or extremism?

Primorye discussed prospects for closer ties with South-East Asia

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Turn to the East it's time to turn into a nationwide phenomenon

HSE experts on how to find new growth points in the Russian Far East

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ATP through 20-30 years: militarization?

FEFU experts on how the world in Asia can become stronger and more cautious

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Arming Abe to shoot down Kim's missiles

Japan-US summit was held under the sign of the North Korean threat

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Export to Asia remains a problem

Why do exports of the Far East and the Baikal region fall?

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Sergei Karaganov: "Everything is changing literally before our eyes"

About what the problem on the Korean peninsula could turn out, with which Asian economies it is necessary to build up relations and how not to slow down Russia in a turn to the East

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Federal tour

A few general words about the Far Eastern art, or about the Far East again forgot

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Russian Innovations in Eastern Markets

How to build work with Asian countries Russian Venture Company

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"I love the city for its desperation"

Actress Maria Stratulat - about the unique project for Primorsky Krai and the special soul of Vladivostok

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The North remembers

Theatrical festival "Territory. Magadan "reminded Magadan of the glorious theatrical traditions of the past and opened the way to the future of contemporary art

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VEF: from the "Potemkin village" to the "global city"

How the Eastern Economic Forum will help Vladivostok become one of the Asian capitals

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Typical periphery with raw orientation

For the full development of the Far East, he always needed state support

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Year of advance

Development problems of Komsomolsk-on-Amur is being studied by EastRussia

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We are developing the second stage of the game zone

Interview with Craig Ballantyne, general director of the entertainment complex Tigre de Cristal in Vladivostok

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Develop the Far East: where?

A series of essays on how, why and for whom to develop the Far East. Essay 2

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Asbestos showed an export character

Export of products to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region allowed producers of chrysotile-asbestos to gain a foothold in the rating of the largest exporters of Russia

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The fastest growing company in the world will work in the Far East

Rusagro General Director Maxim Basov: "We are ready to increase production as soon as we get more opportunities for export to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region"

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Victor Marchenko: "Nothing is as happy as the appearance of the New ..."

A well-known seaside businessman is sure: cost-effective products can be beneficial to health due to innovations

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The West is trying to understand Russia's policy in the Asia-Pacific region

About the role of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region, about the obvious and hidden motives for its behavior with the southeastern "neighbors", writes The Diplomat

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"Our philosophy of relations with the most important regional partners in the East is changing"

The turn of Russia to the East, the intermediate results and the problems that need to be solved, Timofey Bordachev, the Director of the Eurasian program of the International Discussion Club "Valdai", the director of the Central Research Institute of Higher School of Economics

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Projects of Yakutia at the Eastern Economic Forum

How Yakutia from FAR became NEAR

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Alternative route

For the NSR, the future of global maritime logistics and trade

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The first outlines of Greater Eurasia

Professor Sergei Karaganov - about the "Great Eurasia", the transfer of the capital to Vladivostok, the demographics of the Far East and the "yellow danger"

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East Gate

Sanakoyev: Believe me, there is still a mutually beneficial cooperation, from which all win

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"We need to work with Iran"

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Face off

The Russian policy of active participation in affairs in the East is shaking Asia

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“The economic model in the country has long demanded changes”

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"The turn to the East should be understood more broadly"

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Freedom to the ports of Vladivostok

Porto-Franco is going to make the most comfortable for business

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The Asia-Pacific Perspective sums up the XII Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum

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The pro-Indian policy

Tatyana Shaumyan: "It's useless to pressure the Indians"

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Why drag Asian investors to the Far East?

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Asia does not hurry to understand Russia, and the most difficult thing for us is to learn not to rush things

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A New Look

At the International Investment Forum in Sochi, the "eastern vector" of the country's development was declared

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Gold is no less than fish

Kamchatka opens up new opportunities for cooperation with Southeast Asia

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Asian developing countries expect mutual investment boom

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Is Russia a Europe?

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The rise of Asia - this is seriously and for a long time

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"The Chinese Dream" - the nightmare of Asia?

At the largest annual meeting of officials and experts on Asian security spoke of the aggressiveness of China

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Space is difficult to comprehend

Pavel Minakir: The Far East is not a statistical line

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Restored caravan

Russia will participate in the revival of the Great Silk Road - the initiative of China

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Leading East

Ministry for the Development of the Far East summed up the work for 2013 year

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On the same wave

The Russian Navy demonstrates military power

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Window to Asia

The northern capital turned to the east

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The ATP is being replaced by engineering?

Before our eyes, the birth of a new region on the political map of the world - the Indo-Pacific

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Switch from West to East

The Far East: Prospects and Impulses of Development

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External management

The Far East is the eternal priority of the Russian leadership

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Arena for Sakhalin

Investment projects of the Sakhalin region: where, who, how much

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Orientation to Asia

Evsey Gurvich: "Traditional strategies are not working in the Far East"

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The Flying Aurora

Is there a future for a new Far Eastern airline?

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Target - 2%

The Far East will work for export

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Chinese sea threat

China's sea aggressive policy acquires a systemic and clearly structured nature

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ATPF-2013 in the dialogues of the APR countries

Vladivostok - the northern capital of the ATP?

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Bridge of cooperation

Will the island connect with the mainland?

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