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Alexander Levintal



Residents trust the heads of the EAO and Angara region least of all in Russia

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The main wave of governor resignations

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Experts predict resignation of the head of the JAR

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Two Far Eastern Governors Face Resignation

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Residents of the Jewish Autonomous Region want to dismiss the governor

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The head of the Jewish Autonomous Region asked the Ministry of Culture for the restoration of the monument

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The border crossing point at Pashkovo in the EAO for export to China brucite is planned to be introduced in 2019g

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The construction of the Nizhneleninskoye-Tongjiang bridge is considerably behind schedule

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The construction of the Nizhneleninskoye-Tongjiang transboundary bridge will be completed at the end of 2018g

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Jewish autonomy in 2017g increased trade with China more than 2 times

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In the EAO in January-October 2017g there was an increase in industrial production almost in 1,5 times

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The head of the EAO Alexander Levintal joined the Presidium of the State Council

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Bulletin EastRussia: last week, the head of the subjects more often mentioned Irkutsk

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EAO agreements on WEF-2017 were aimed at developing the financial market

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Jewish autonomy and Vostochny bank on VEF-2017 agreed on partnership

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EAO invited investors from Hong Kong

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EastRussia Bulletin: last week, regional leaders often referred to the coastal

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TOR "Amuro-Khinganskaya" in the EAO has 4 applications for residency - Yuri Trutnev

As part of a working visit to the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, Yury Trutnev, held a working meeting in the capital of the region on the development of the Amur-Khinganskaya TDD

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TOP "Amuro-Khinganskaya" will give up to 3 billion rubles of new investments a year - the governor of the EAO

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Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK starts supplying iron ore concentrate to China

The Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK (EAO), part of the Petropavlovsk group, sent its first test composition with iron ore concentrate to China

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To VEF-2016 Jewish Autonomous Region will present mock-ups of the cross-border bridge and TV Tower

As the governor of the region Alexander Levintal said, in preparation for the WEF-2016, the efforts of the regional authorities are primarily aimed at forming a brand of the territory that is attractive for investments

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By 2018, the number of EAO residents ready to receive state services in electronic form should be at least 70% - the governor

The Council under the Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region reviewed the results of the implementation of the EAO state program for the development of the information society and the formation of an e-government in 2015

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For 10 years of implementation of TOR "Amuro-Khinganskaya" projects tax revenues of 11,2 billion rubles are planned - the governor

More than 17 billion rubles of investments, including 5,5 billion rubles for the creation of new production infrastructure, which will be built on residents' funds, will attract the Amuro-Khingan TOR to the region

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It is necessary to save the agricultural sector of EAO from dependence on Chinese influence - Alexander Levintal

In the Jewish Autonomous Region (EAO), the land of the agricultural sector is either rented by the citizens of the PRC, or processed by them. The region needs to get rid of this dependence, restructuring the industry

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The builders of the bridge crossing the Amur and the investor of the logistics park project will have to agree on a number of issues - Alexander Levintal

Alexander Levintal met in Moscow with the leadership of Garant LLC, which is an investor in the project of creating a logistics park on the territory adjacent to the railway bridge crossing under construction in the Amur near the settlements of Nizhneleninskoye (RF) - Tongjiang (PRC)

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Specialists of the Olekminsky mine stopped in the Amur region move to work at the "Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK" in the EAO

The governor of EAO Aleksandr Levintal visited OOO "Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK". At the enterprise, he got acquainted with the process of commissioning of new production, how the problematic issues are being solved, and they are, since starting from scratch an enterprise that has no analogues not only in the Jewish Autonomous Region but also in a number of other regions is not easy, the press service of the regional administration

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The food regime checks were initiated by the Governor of the EAO in all hospitals in the region with a 24-hour stay

The governor of the region, Alexander Levintal, initiated an inspection of all medical institutions of the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAR) with a round-the-clock stay of patients

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The Russian part of the Nizhneleninsk-Tongjiang bridge will be built by USC "Most"

In the near future, the construction of the Russian part of the railway bridge Nizhneleninskoe (RF) - Tongjiang (PRC) in the Jewish Autonomous Region (EAO) USC "Most"

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The new composition of the Public Chamber was approved in the EAO

This week the first plenary session of the new composition of the Public Chamber of the Jewish Autonomous Region was held in the government of the region. 12 nominees from 23 members of the chamber were approved by the governor of the region Alexander Levintal, the second half of the composition was elected by the Legislative Assembly of the EAO

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Alexander Levintal - about the "Far Eastern hectare"

The State Duma adopted in the second and third readings the law on granting to citizens of Russia land plots no larger than 1 hectares in the Far Eastern Federal District. Regions where you can get land once free of charge are Yakutia, Kamchatka, Primorsky, Khabarovsk Krai, Amur, Magadan, Sakhalin regions, as well as the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Chukotka Autonomous District

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Alexander Levintal met with young hockey players who asked Vladimir Putin for an ice rink

Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region Aleksandr Levintal visited the training of the children's ice hockey team on Friday, who asked the president of the Russian Federation for an indoor ice rink during the "straight line"

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Issues of joint support of investment projects implemented in the EAO, discussed with Chinese colleagues Alexander Levintal

Governor of the EAO Alexander Levintal during his working visit to Heilongjiang Province met with Mayor Liang Chenjun, and also visited the state enterprises of the agro-industrial complex. During the meeting, the parties discussed possible directions for further bilateral cooperation

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The agreement on strategic partnership with the Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East was signed by Alexander Levintal

The Governor of the EAO Alexander Levintal signed an agreement on strategic partnership with Valentin Timakov, Director General of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East

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A package of remarks and proposals of the working group will be sent to the developers of the long-term EAO Strategy

The development of the EAO socio-economic development strategy until the year 2030 was considered at a meeting of the working group. The meeting was held by the Governor of the region Alexander Levintal

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The EAO summed up the results of efforts to counter the illegal circulation of industrial products in 2015 year

At a meeting of the Commission for Combating Illegal Turnover of Industrial Products in the Jewish Autonomous Region, it was said about the measures taken in the constituent entity of the Russian Federation in 2015 to identify the facts of manufacturing and selling counterfeit goods in retail outlets

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"Roadmap" of socio-economic development of the EAO is aimed at harmonization in Minskostokrazvitiya

Having completed a series of meetings with the heads of the executive authorities of the region on the formation of a "road map" for the integrated social and economic development of the Jewish Autonomous Region, Governor Alexander Levintal announced the dispatch of the "road map" to the Ministry of Economic Development for passing the mandatory approval procedure

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To help the Chinese corporation CNEEC finish the construction of the Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK in the Jewish Autonomous Region urged Yuri Trutnev

The plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev urged the Russian side to find opportunities to help Chinese contractors - CNEEC Corporation - in the construction of the Kimka-Sutarsky Iron Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise in the Jewish Autonomous Region

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The Far Eastern Railway and the EAO together will develop the potential of the region

The issues of increasing the cargo base, taking into account the implementation of large investment projects in the territory of the EAO, the organization of suburban passenger transportation by rail and the compensation of falling revenues, were discussed by the Governor of the EAO Alexander Levintal and the head of the Far Eastern Railway, Nikolai Makligin

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Alexander Levintal discussed cooperation with the US Consul General in Vladivostok Eric Anders Holm-Olsen

A two-day visit to Birobidzhan is the US Consul General in Vladivostok Eric Anders Holm-Olsen, who first visited the Jewish Autonomous Region

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At the meeting of the Government of the Jewish Autonomous Region, state programs were approved

The EAO government approved the state program of the region "Social support of the population" for 2016-2020 years, the total amount of financing of which is about 1,5 billion rubles provided by the regional budget

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99% co-financing or one million rubles?

As federal and regional officials in different ways saw the conditions for the social development of the Far East

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Reservation by kilowatt

Rumors of the Far East. Issue 6. What is audible in the Far East corridors, the lobby, whatsapp-ah and telegram-ah - collects EastRussia

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"We need to talk about the multiplicative effect for the economy"

Alexander Levintal, Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region - in an interview with EastRussia

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"We can cook kosher pilaf"

Alexander Levintal, governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region, tells the EastRussia portal why, even in difficult times, one should not abandon national color, local cadres and far-reaching plans

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Alexander Levintal: "We have already received proposals for TOP"

EAO sums up the results of the Eastern Economic Forum

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Small, but deleted

What will EAO present at the WEF - asked EastRussia

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Assemble the team

The project "Far Eastern Challenge" started in the EAO

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"A turn to the East" for the sake of Russia's future

Alexander Levintal on the prospects of a "turn to the East"

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"Political uncertainty is just a formality"

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The Art of Bridging

The editors of EastRussia understood why the Russian-Chinese bridge across the Amur still exists only in dreams and who is responsible for the project

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Overtake TOPs and the monitoring agency Medialogy present an exclusive rating of the visibility of news in the Far Eastern Federal District

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