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DRSK sue Dalnegorsky GOK because of multi-million dollar debts

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Primorye energy specialists restored power supply in the south of the region

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Energy supply in the Amur region restored after a powerful cyclone

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ДЭК has caught the debtor Dalnegorsky GOK in consumption of energy without the contract

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Bulletin of EastRussia: RusHydro will be able to transfer to the "Rossetiam" DRSK only for money

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Power substation for TOP "Big Stone" will be built by a company from Priamurye

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The snowstorm left almost 26 thousand inhabitants of Yakutia without power supply

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RusHydro can not find 8 billion rubles. for connection to the network of "Dalegectar"

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DRSK restored power supply in the flooded Khasansky district of Primorye

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In the seaside Mikhailovsky TOR the construction of an energy substation

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DRSC has made a profit on the growth of transportation of energy and tariffs

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DRSK began connecting to the electricity grid of "Far Eastern hectares"

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All incoming requests for connection of residents of the TOP in the Amur Region were carried out ahead of the company by DRSC

Far Eastern Distribution Company (DRSC, part of the RusHydro group), ahead of the deadline, completed the scope of work required to connect the Priamurskaya and Belogorsk residents in the Amur Region with electricity for the residents of the advanced development territories (TORs).

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"Far Eastern Distribution Company" began construction of a power transmission line 35 kV "Agrocomplex-Dubki-Leninskoye"

The enterprise, which is part of the PJSC "RAO ES Vostoka", will build a power transmission line for the Mikhailovsky TOR in Primorsky Krai.

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With the aim of providing the power supply for the Komsomolsk TOP, the DRSC for three years modernizes two substations

Within the framework of the planned tasks for the implementation of the Komsomolsk TOR project, the Far East Distribution Grid Company (DRSC, part of PJSC RAO ES of the East) has started to modernize the two main substations in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

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DRSK shareholders decided not to pay dividends for 2015 year: net loss amounted to 214,02 million rubles

Dividends in the 2015 year will not be paid to Far Eastern Distribution Company (DRSC, part of the holding company RAO ES of the East) due to a net loss of 214,02 million rubles

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More than 30 applications for connection to the networks of the facilities of the "Forces of Siberia" and the Amur GPP were received by the DRSC

During the implementation of a major project to connect the facilities of the Siberia-Siberia gas main pipeline located on the territory of the Amur Region and Yakutia to the implementation of which the DRSK JSC (part of PJSC RAO ES Vostok) joined the company, the company received more than 30 applications For connection to the networks of the facilities of the Forces of Siberia and the Amur Gas Processing Plant

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The new CHP will appear in Artyom and will be the second in Primorye - "RAO ES of the East"

The visiting meeting on choosing a site for the construction of a new thermal power plant was conducted by the heads of the Primorsky Territory Administration and RusHydro,

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Securing the "rules of the game" to ensure the development of the region is necessary for the Far Eastern electric networks- Yuriy Andreenko

Speaking at the conference Vedomosti-Rossiiskaya Energetika, General Director of Far Eastern Distribution Company (part of the RAO ES East Holding Company) Yuriy Andreenko said that the distribution grid in the Russian Far East required a number of primary measures to ensure the development of the region in accordance with Vector of state policy

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In 2015, the DRC gained 214 million rubles in net loss under RAS

With a net loss of 214,02 million rubles against 362,87 million rubles of net profit in 2014 year, Far Eastern Distribution Grid Company JSC (DRSK, part of RAO ES of the East holding) completed 2015

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For DRSC, will attract a loan of 1 billion rubles

PJSC "RAO Energy System of East" (part of the RusHydro group) announced a public auction for raising a loan in the first quarter of the current year in the amount of 1 billion rubles for the subsidiary Far Eastern Distribution Grid Company (DRSK)

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New power transmission line in Yakutia will allow to expand production to the largest gold mining enterprise of the republic

In the construction of a new power line "substation" Tommot "- substation" Lower Yakokitskaya "JSC" Far Eastern Distribution Company "(DRSC, part of the holding" RAO ES East ") invested 115 million rubles

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Available networks

The Far Eastern Distribution Company ("DRSC") is in favor of adopting a law that would simplify the obtaining of a permit for the construction of low-voltage power facilities

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