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Mechel is ready to part with the Elginskoye field in Yakutia

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The metal trading company of the Mechel Group - Mechel-Service - has sold from the new warehouse in Vladivostok 3 thousand tons of rolled metal products

The new subdivision in Vladivostok started work in November of the year 2016, with its opening the total number of storage sites of Mechel Service in Russia increased to 59, and the cities of presence - up to 43.

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Mechel built a sports ground in Posiete

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The commercial port of Posiet changed the Managing Director

According to Mechel Group, which is part of the transport division under the management of OOO Mechel-Trans Commercial Bank, Posyet Commercial Port, Anatoly Balakin has been appointed the managing director of the company.

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New domestic equipment within the program of import substitution put into operation "Elgaugol"

New equipment of domestic production - a screen for dividing coal into classes, which in its performance is not inferior to the previously used analogue - was put into operation at the processing plant LLC "Elgaugol" (a subsidiary of JSC Holding Company "Yakutugol", is a member of the Mechel Group)

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Refused the claim to Mechel for 11,7 million dollars Sberbank of Russia

In connection with the refusal of the claim in the courtroom, the Moscow Arbitration Court dismissed the proceedings on the suit of Sberbank to Mechel and its six subsidiaries on recovering more than 11,7 million dollars

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"Elgaugol" increases coal production figures

In OOO Elgaugol (a subsidiary of JSC Holding Company Yakutugol, is a member of the Mechel Group), based on the results of the work for the first half of the year 2016, the growth in coal mining indicators was recorded relative to the same period of the previous year

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Two Mechel projects in the Far East are waiting for state support at 12 billion rubles

"Mechel" hopes for the state support of the Elgin project and the port of Posiet in the Far East at 12 billion rubles

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The first million tons of coking coal on the Elga was released by Mechel's "daughter"

The mark of 1 million tons for the production of coking concentrate since the beginning of operation of the factory exceeded OOO Elgaugol (a subsidiary of JSC Holding Company Yakutugol, a member of the Mechel Group) at the concentrator of the Elginsky Coal Complex

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Approve transactions with creditor banks recommends shareholders of the Board of Directors of PJSC Mechel

Mechel PJSC, the leading Russian mining and metals company, reports that the Board of Directors of the Company made recommendations on voting at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders 26 in May 2016

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Mechel granted Gazprombank an option to buy a stake in the Elginsky project

An agreement on the granting of an option for JSC Gazprombank to conclude an agreement for the purchase and sale of 49% of shares in the Elginskoye coking coal project (the "Project") for 34,3 billion rubles was concluded by PJSC "Mechel", the leading Russian mining and metallurgical company

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Expenses for ecology increase "Yakutugol"

The company OAO HC Yakutugol (part of Mechel) has submitted a report on environmental activities, according to which the amount of Yakutugol's expenses for the implementation of environmental measures from 2013 for 2015 increased by 30%, and the amount of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere for this The period decreased by almost 10%

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VTB declined to participate in a project for the development of the Elga deposit of Mechel - Andrei Kostin

According to the president of the bank Andrei Kostin, VTB does not intend to participate in the Mechel project to develop the Elginsky coal deposit

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Until the end of March, Mechel intends to conclude negotiations with Gazprombank on the sale of shares in Elgaugle

Until the end of March, Mechel expects to complete negotiations with Gazprombank on the sale of shares in the company Elgaugol, which owns a license for the Elginskoye coal deposit

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The Mechel section of Tomusinsky in 2015g significantly increased the profit

Included in the Mechel Group is the daughter company of OAO Ugolnaya Kompaniya Yuzhny Kuzbass, OAO Tomusinsky Razrez, in 2015, received 6,2 billion rubles in net profit under RAS vs. 6,19 million in net profit in 2014

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Mechel and Mechel-Mining received in February three loans for 6,6 billion rubles

Loans totaling 6,594 billion rubles to Mechel OAO and Mechel Mining provided in February 2016 to OAO Yuzhny Kuzbass Coal Company (Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo Region, part of Mechel Mining OAO)

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The railway to the Elga "Mechel" allocates to the new structure LLC "Elga-Doroga" - "Kommersant"

"Mechel" allocates a railway from the Elginsky coal deposit to the Baikal-Amur highway, the construction of which cost him about 70 billion rubles, the new structure - OOO "Elga-Doroga", writes on Wednesday, "Kommersant"

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"Active" negotiations on the railway to the Elga are conducted by RZhD and Mechel, no decision so far - Arkady Dvorkovich

Negotiations are continuing between Russian Railways and Mechel on the mechanism of buying out the railway to the Elga coal deposit.

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Mechel has the opportunity to sell Gazprombank 49% Elgauglya - press

"Mechel" can sell Gazprombank 49% of the company "Elgaugol", which owns a license for the Elginskoye coal deposit and the railway to it, for 500-550 million dollars, the newspaper Vedomosti, citing its sources

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Coal transshipment VTS in the framework of the diversification of the client base began Port Posiet

OJSC Trade Port Posiet (the daughter of the captive operator of the Mechel Group) will monthly export up to 50 thousand tons of coal JSC Holding Company SDS-Ugol as part of the reloading of export products of third-party companies, as reported in December 2015 D

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From the claim to Mechel on 12 billion rubles refused Rudservis

The reason for the refusal of its claims from OOO Rudservice (Moscow) is not disclosed, which filed a motion to dismiss the claim for 11,8 billion rubles to OAO Yuzhny Kuzbass (Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo Region, part of Mechel Mining), Mechel -Maining "and OAO" Mechel "

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With the increase in coal production, Yakutugol started the year

In January 2016, 843 thousand tons of coking coal and energy brands were extracted at the enterprises of Yakutugol, which are part of the Mechel Group, which is 17% higher than the same period last year

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Coal from "Porte Posiet" in 2015 year went to South Korea and Japan

"Port Posiet" Mechel Group in 2015 year increased coal exports to the markets of Japan and South Korea

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The government subcommittee on the Far East approved the projects "ALROSA" and "Polyus Gold"

Mechel's projects on Elga development and Posyet port for state support are not approved due to uncertainty with the company's creditors

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Mechel, Polyus Gold and ALROSA can get 31 billion rubles for the development of Far Eastern projects from the RF budget

Companies Mechel, Polyus Gold and ALROSA can get 31 billion rubles for the development of Far Eastern projects from the RF budget, the materials of the meeting of the government subcommittee on the implementation of investment projects in the Far East

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Khabarovsk Territory in 2016: overcoming the old and new difficulties

Rostislav Turovsky on the development of the eastern regions of Russia

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Yegor Borisov: "We always work ahead of the curve"

The head of the republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor Borisov - about the present and future of his region, and also about whether the government can make people happy

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Stop Elga

The Mechel project to develop the Elginsky coal deposit was threatened with conservation

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Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): results - 2015, trends - 2016

East Russia continues the cycle of analytical publications devoted to the results of the past year and the analysis of the situation in the current year in the socio-economic and political spheres of life in the regions of the Far East and Eastern Siberia

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Optimizing optimism

EastRussia sums up Dmitry Medvedev's visit to the Khabarovsk Territory

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Yakutia: Results - 2014

A recipient on the way to donors and to sustainable development?

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The railway will be mastered by the going

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We are interested in modernizing the BAM

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Our business is coal, steel and ore

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Borders without locks

Primorye relies on the development of ports

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Khabarovsk Territory: growth centers

What can the regional economy rely on?

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Case dusty

EastRussia found out why the residents of Vanino are unhappy with the work of the port

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