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Ministry of Energy



Investors will receive new benefits for projects in the Arctic

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Design Far East LNG plant will begin in the near future

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TPPs in the Far East are modernized at the expense of consumers from other regions

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The head of the Ministry of Energy proposes to extend the TOR

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DGK received a passport of readiness for work in the autumn-winter period in the Far East

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Kamchatka asks the Ministry of Energy 1,7 billion to prepare for the heating season

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New technology helps miners of the Amur region to increase production volumes

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The Ministry of Energy proposes to privatize part of RusHydro's facilities in the Far Eastern Federal District

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FGC has restored all power lines of DFO power networks after blackout

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The Energy Ministry recommended changes to the feasibility study of the Amur Refinery due to changes in the tax system

The meeting on the implementation of the project was held at the Ministry of Energy on the eve.

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Due to technical violations at Yakutsk SDPP, settlements were de-energized

Suburb of Yakutsk, part of the Khangalassky and Megino-Kangalassky districts were de-energized

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Heat Generation Company-14 will disconnect 19 objects from the Ministry of Defense in Trans-Baikal Territory from 8 January

RGU and Housing and communal services in the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Republic of Buryatia owed TGK-14 more than 168,6 million rubles and 75,8 million rubles, respectively.

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On the control of the Ministry of Energy, the energy complexes of the Far East and three other regions

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The most real candidate for capitalization of RusHydro is VTB - the Ministry of Energy

The problem of the debt of the subsidiary "RAO ES of the East", exceeding 80 billion rubles, is to be solved by the company "RusHydro"

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Gazprom and Shell expand cooperation on Sakhalin-2 project - Alexander Novak

Shell may take part in the development of the South Kirinsky field that has fallen under the sectoral sanctions of the United States on the Sakhalin shelf, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told journalists.

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A field meeting of the Ministry of Energy of Russia dedicated to the development of the region’s energy industry will be held in Chukotka

The visiting session of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, dedicated to the development of the energy complex of the region, will be held in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

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To extend Gazprom's right for Sakhalin-2 gas as royalties for the period of the PSA is ready for the Ministry of Energy

The draft government order providing for the extension of the order to transfer to Gazprom the right to sell the Sakhalin-2 project gas received by the state as royalty and profitable products in kind (that is, gas, not money) for the entire term of the agreement Production section (PSA), prepared by the Ministry of Energy

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Determine the fate of WDEUK plans soon the Ministry of Energy

In the near future, the fate of Far Eastern Energy Management Company (DVEUK) is calculated by the RF Ministry of Energy

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The investor will not be left alone with his problems - Sergey Kachaev

Participants of the meeting under the leadership of the deputy head of the Ministry of Economic Development Sergey Kachaev discussed the "road map" for the construction of a mining and processing enterprise based on the Natalka gold deposit in the Magadan Region

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Tariffs in the Far East will be equalized to the average Russian level in two or three years - Alexander Galushka

Following the results of the meeting of the president with members of the government, the head of the Ministry of National Economy of the Russian Federation Alexander Galushka told reporters that Tariffs for electricity in the Far East are planned to be brought to the average Russian level within two to three years

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Export of gas for independent producers via the "Siberia Power" gas pipeline can be linked to social obligations of gas supply to the population - the Ministry of Economic Development

Such a position was sent by the Ministry of Economic Development to the Ministry of Energy in fulfillment of the assignment fixed in the protocol of the presidential commission for the fuel and energy sector, a source familiar with the text of the letter told Interfax

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The investment program of DEC for three years was approved by the Ministry of Energy

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation published an order approving the investment program of PJSC Far Eastern Energy Company (DEK, part of the holding RAO ES of the East) for 2016-2018 in the amount of 288,6 million rubles

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The idea of ​​refusing coal generation in Eastern Siberia and creating a non-carbon zone there was not supported by the RF Ministry of Energy

Yury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, instructed departments in early February to study information materials on the outcome of the Paris Climate Conference and the creation of a carbon-free zone in Eastern Siberia, follows from the letter of the First Deputy Minister of Energy Alexei Texler to the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, At the disposal of "Interfax"

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The project of the creation of the Taymyryrsk fuel and energy complex in Yakutia was considered in the Ministry of Energy of Russia

Within the framework of the Comprehensive Development Program of the Arctic in Yakutia, a project is planned for the creation of the Taymyryr Fuel and Energy Complex, which will be implemented by OOO Arctic Uglesintez

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Reduce tariffs in the Far East can be due to dividends RusHydro - Ministry of Energy and RF Ministry of Economic Development

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation supported the idea of ​​the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation not to burden large consumers to reduce tariffs in the Far East, the Kommersant daily writes.

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The project for the construction of a new transmission line in Yakutia is estimated at 5,7 billion rubles. - the authorities of Yakutia

The head of Yakutia, Yegor Borisov, met with the head of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, Alexander Novak, and during the meeting proposed to allocate depreciation charges to Far Eastern Energy Management Company (DVEUK) for the construction of the high-voltage line (LN) 220 kV Mirny-Suntar-Nyurba in the region

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Yakutia takes a course to increase the efficiency of local energy

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a list of instructions aimed at reducing the cost of electricity in isolated energy areas of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

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New discoveries are offered for the discovery of deposits in the Far East

The head of the Ministry of Energy Alexander Novak made a proposal to provide new benefits for mineral extraction tax to subsoil users who opened fields in the Far East and Eastern Siberia

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The cost of construction of Far Eastern stations now amounts to 88 billion rubles

RusHydro increased the cost of construction of Far Eastern stations to 88 billion rubles

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Ministry of Energy intends to attract investments for the development of energy in the Far East

The new investment mechanism for attracting investors to the energy complex of the Far East is planned to be created by the RF Ministry of Energy. It is assumed that the mechanism will be similar to the one already proposed for projects in Taman, Deputy Energy Minister Vyacheslav Kravchenko told reporters

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Ministry of Energy took up BAM

About transport projects in the Far East, talked in the Ministry of Energy - cargo capacity is not enough for the ambitions of the fuel and energy sector

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RES is no longer an end in itself

Second International Conference "Renewable Energy in Isolated Systems of the Far East of Russia" was Completed in Yakutsk

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