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Irkutsk Oblast will receive a subsidy from Rostourism

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ASEZs turned out to be more effective than special economic zones

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The authorities of Buryatia are not against the idea of ​​creating a gambling zone on the shore of Lake Baikal

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The governor of the Magadan region has initiated the introduction of the norms of the Free Port in the law on SEZ

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The authorities of the Magadan region intend to offer investors in the SEZ regime a number of new preferences

This was announced by the Governor of the Magadan Region Vladimir Pecheny at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

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In the SEZ Magadan region reported for 2016 year

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In Buryatia, on the territory of the special economic zone "Baikal Harbor" it was decided to create a modern yacht club

This January 30 on his Facebook page was reported by the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Development Alexander Chepik.

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The authorities once again pondered the concept of the development of the Russky Island in Vladivostok

The development of a master plan for construction, which should be ready by June of the year 2017, was decided to be entrusted to the Strelka CB by Alexander Mamut, RBC reports.

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SEZ in Buryatia can be eliminated

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In Khabarovsk and Primorye, the work of special economic zones has been stopped

According to the resolution posted on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers, the government of Russia announced the early termination of the work of eight Russian special economic zones (SEZ)

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The SEZ Institute, in contrast to the TOR Institute, is considered ineffective in the Kremlin - Dmitry Peskov

"The Institute (SEZ) is extremely inefficient, at least it proved ineffective in our country, very expensive, very little return and with zero efficiency," Dmitry Peskov, the presidential press secretary, told journalists on Thursday.

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Creation of SEZ will be stopped - "Kommersant"

From 2006 on 33 Special Economic Zones spent 186 billion rubles., 24 billion rubles. of them are not used, tax and customs payments from the zones themselves during this time amounted to 40 billion rubles. Creating one workplace in the SEZ cost the country a budget of 10 million rubles — the average salary in the Russian Federation for 25 years

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The first in Russia PSEZ is created in the Khabarovsk Territory

The first port special economic zone (POEZ) in Russia on the territory of the Soviet-Havana municipal district of the Khabarovsk Territory will facilitate the transport of the actively developing region of Eastern Siberia and in particular the resource-rich areas of the Baikal-Amur Mainline

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Irkutsk authorities will help the prosecutor's office to check the tourist SEZ on Lake Baikal

The Government of the Irkutsk Region will assist the prosecutor's office in the inspection by the supervisory authority of the tourist special economic zone (SEZ) "Gate of Baikal"

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President urged officials to live within our means

The issue of the development of special economic zones (SEZ) in the Russian Federation closely rests on the targeted spending of budget funds allocated to them. Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to verify information that funds allocated from the budget for the development of the SEZ are deposited on bank deposits

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In the Magadan region will introduce additional benefits for participants of the SEZ

The law on granting tax breaks for participants in the special economic zone in the Magadan region, adopted by the State Duma earlier, will be supported by additional benefits that will be introduced by the government of the Magadan region

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Mazda received preferential injection

Why the boundaries of the TOR "Nadezhdinskaya" were extended to Vladivostok

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Outside coverage

Primorye authorities do not agree with the closure of the SEZ on Russky Island in Vladivostok

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To earn on Kolyma

Magadan showed how to attract foreign investors

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TOP or not TOP?

Expert EastRussia - on the prospects of a new concept for the development of the Far East

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Area of ​​special attention

The Magadan SEZ will work under the new rules

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Special leading zones of territories

How not to get confused in the principles of state policy for the development of the regional economy

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The centers of attraction

Special economic zones of the Far Eastern Federal Districts

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Stay in the "zone" and not go "to the mainland"

Will the SEZ expire in the region?

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