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Tourism - in the center of the business agenda of the festival "Days of the Far East in Moscow"

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Chukotka will engage in the development of cruise tourism

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In Russia can enter electronic visas through 1,5 of the year

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Rosturizm wants to make a pilot platform from Sakhalin to promote the national tourism product

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For tourists from China arrange visa-free entry to Kamchatka

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For the "Eastern Ring of Russia" will develop a single brand and a guest card

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Bulletin EastRussia: Development of cruise tourism in the Far Eastern Federal District can get its FTP

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Rostourism called for caution in Taiwan, where earthquakes continue

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EastRussia Bulletin: The Chamber of Accounts has found no effect in three DFOs

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2017's entry tourist flow from the PRC grew by 24% in three quarters

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The increase in the zones of simplified entry into the SST will increase the entry tourist flow - Rosturizm

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Minvostokrazvitiya is working out state support for operators forming tourist traffic on the Far-Eastern Federal District

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The number of guests at the III Eastern Economic Forum exceeded 4 thousand.

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The first 90 foreign tourists received electronic visas to the Far East of Russia

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China's tour operators are ready to participate in the development of Arctic tourism

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Next year the river crossing point in the Khabarovsk region will start working

This was during a working visit to the region, said the head of Rosturizm Oleg Safonov.

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Forecasts of regions: in 2016 year tourist traffic to the Far East will grow by 35% to 3,6 million people

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Rostourism recommends Kamchatka and Moscow

Specially for the World Tourism Day, which is celebrated annually on 27 September (and in 2016 in Russia it is held 34-th time), the Federal Agency for Tourism offered the Russians a selection of routes, which collected the best ideas for an unforgettable vacation that fell during the winter. List of routes "from Rosturizm" opens Kamchatka

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In 2017, Rosturizm intends to develop charter flights to the Far East

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For the "Eastern Ring of Russia" will take the Ministry of Culture, Rosturizm and the authorities of the Far East and Siberia

During the work of VEF-2016, held in Vladivostok 2-3 September, four stakeholders - the Ministry of Culture, Rosturizm and the authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern and Siberian Federal Districts - signed an agreement on the implementation of the interregional tourist project "The Eastern Ring of Russia"

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The development of the tourism industry in the Far East is a very important task in terms of import substitution and job creation

As the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov said at the round table "Tourist Far East: opening up opportunities" for the past in the framework of WEF-2016, for the most remote and hard-to-reach areas of the Far East, where there are no conditions for the development of industry or agriculture, but there is significant Tourism potential, it is extremely important to develop tourism and attract the tourist flow

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Russian tourists will be able to travel without visas to India, Vietnam and Iran

Rosturism came out with a proposal to apply a mechanism of bilateral visa-free (group) tourist exchange with three states - India, Vietnam and Iran. At the moment, such visa-free group tours are held between Russia and China. According to the head of Rosturism, the mechanism of a visa-free travel agency has proved its effectiveness

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Growth of the tourist flow from China to Russia for the first half of the year 2016 marks Rosturizm

According to the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizma) Oleg Safonov, the tourist flow from China to Russia for the first half of the year 2016 grew by 50%, it is possible that by the end of the year will retain such dynamics

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Up to three weeks will extend Russia's stay for visa-free tourists from China

Changes in terms of stay and the number of Chinese tourists in one group within the framework of visa-free travel to Russia were agreed by Russia and China. Now the number of tourists from China in the visa-free group is reduced from five to three, and the possibility of visa-free visits to Russia is increased to three weeks

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For the liberalization of the visa regime with China is Rosturizm

The deputy head of the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm), Sergei Korneev, said on Friday that Rostourism is in favor of liberalizing the visa regime for foreign tourists and hopes that it will be possible to do this with China as soon as possible.

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The longest tour route "The Great Tea Way" is created jointly by Russia, China and Mongolia

The Tourist Union, aimed at creating the world's longest transboundary tourist route "The Great Tea Route", was created by Russia, China and Mongolia

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Promoting new Russian tourism products in Iran will be the sixth National Tourist Office Visit Russia

The Russian Embassy in Tehran, the capital of Iran, hosted the Opening Ceremony of the National Tourist Office Visit Russia at the Ninth International Exhibition of Tourism and Handicraft Industry (TITE).

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Rosturizm: Scammers, who hide behind the name of the head of Rosturizm, extort large sums from officials in Ufa, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and Irkutsk

According to the press service of the department, unknown fraudsters are trying to fraudulently receive money, using the name of the head of Rosturism Oleg Safonov

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Oleg Safonov singled out regions of the Far East as promising tourist destinations in Russia

The head of Rosturism, Oleg Safonov, at a meeting with the deputies of the "United Russia" faction in the State Duma, noted the Far East as a region with a high potential for the development of beach tourism in Russia

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Rostourism proposed to introduce tax incentives for vacation in Russia

In Rosturizm stated that the growth of the number of Russians who are vacationing in Russia can contribute to the introduction of special tax incentives

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The Khabarovsk Territory is preparing for a tourist boom

Statistics for 2014 year indicate that the volume of domestic tourism in Russia increased by 30%

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Turpot flow to Kamchatka can be doubled

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Eastern ring

An ambitious tourist product "The Eastern Ring of Russia" was presented, uniting the Far Eastern and Trans-Baikal regions into a single network

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