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RusHydro's profit falls after entering unprofitable power units in the Far Eastern Federal District

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Business refuses to pay for construction of thermal power plants in the Far East

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Electric car charging station opens in Blagoveshchensk

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Modernization of CHP in Komsomolsk postponed indefinitely

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Accounts Chamber: RusHydro did not commission power facilities in the Far East on time

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The third hydraulic unit of the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP was launched in Kolyma

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Solutions of engineering cases of the championship “RATSENERGY” will present the 10 teams of the DGK

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RusHydro to continue modernization of power facilities in the Far East in 2019

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DGK power engineers walk from Kamchatka to the North Caucasus

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In the Far East will close the worn-out CHP and TPP

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Half a billion rubles owed residents of the Amur region for the warmth

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RusHydro took special control over the preparation of Birobidzhan CHPP for winter

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RusHydro will spend 14,6 billion rubles for repair of power facilities in the Far East

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Head of the Far Eastern Division Sergey Tolstoguzov left PJSC "RusHydro"

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Residents of the Far East are looking for an explanation for what happened shchekautu

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The rating of the worst energy consumers for 2016 was headed by "Amurmetal" and Dalspetsstroy

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"Chukotenergo" will increase the volume of capital investments and repair program

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DRSC has made a profit on the growth of transportation of energy and tariffs

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RusHydro declares its readiness to connect the boiler-houses of the city to its Yakutsk SDPP-2

PJSC "RusHydro" offers financing to the government of Yakutia due to the switching company of MUP "Teploenergiya" (Yakutsk) to the Yakutsk SDPP-2 under construction.

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After receiving a loan from RusHydro, DGK paid off its debts ahead of schedule

Far Eastern Generating Company JSC (DGC, part of the RusHydro group prepaid bank loans to 35,6 billion rubles ahead of schedule.

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The penalty for "RusHydro" for the delay commissioning of thermal power plants in the Far East can make 0,5 million rubles per day

RusHydro in 2012 received from the RF budget 50 billion rubles received from Rosneftegaz dividends for the construction of four thermal power plants in the Far East: the first phases of the Yakut GRES-2 and the Sakhalin GRES-2, CHP in Sovetskaya Gavan (Khabarovsk region ) and the second stage of the Blagoveshchenskaya CHP (the project was fully implemented in December 2016 of the year).

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PJSC RusHydro and PJSC RAO Energy Systems of the East nominated 13 candidates for 13 seats on the Board of Directors of PJSC DEK

The new board of directors of Far Eastern Energy Company (DEC) is scheduled to be elected at the annual meeting of shareholders

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Two new solar power stations are commissioned in Yakutia

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RAO ES of the East retains the status of a legal entity

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The RusHydro project was blocked by the Trans-Baikal government

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Vladimir Putin approved the assumption of Japan's participation in the capital of "RusHydro"

Within the framework of the VEF-2016 held in Vladivostok, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with prospective investors of the Far Eastern Federal District noted that the Russian authorities would welcome the participation of Japanese companies in the capital of RusHydro,

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Until 8 August, RusHydro limited idle discharges at Bureyskaya HPP

Until 8 August, RusHydro limited idle discharges to the Bureyskaya HPP in connection with the appeal of the EMERCOM Main Directorate for the Amur Region. This will allow to continue the search for children who disappeared as a result of an accident on the river. Bureya

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RusHydro plans to develop energy systems of the Far East

In the power industry of the Far East, a lot of problems associated with the deterioration of the energy infrastructure have accumulated. They are caused by issues related to the establishment of tariffs, high debt load of PJSC "RAO Energy Systems of the East", chronic non-payments of some consumers. These problems require their solution, and RusHydro is constantly working with the state authorities in this direction, the company's press service reports.

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The transfer of the Yakutsk SDPP-2 commissioning period may be due to the actions of the general contractor

As before, the readiness of Yakutsk SDPP-80 (one of the priority projects of PJSC RusHydro) remains at the level of 2%, despite the fact that in early June the management of JSC RusHydro instructed the general contractor of the construction of TEK Mosenergo to intensify construction work

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The construction of the infrastructure is being carried out at the TPP in Sovetskaya Gavan

JSC "Thermal Power Plant in the city of Sovetskaya Gavan" (the customer-developer of the same-name facility, a subsidiary structure of JSC "RusHydro", is located in the trust Management of PJSC "RAO ES of the East")

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Completed work on the dumping of a dam at the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP

Work on the dumping of the earth dam, which lasted from 19 April 2016 year, the moment of overlapping r. Bureya, completed the construction of the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP. In the ground dam laid more than 1,2 million m X NUMX soil of different fractions

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The construction of an 150-meter chimney was completed at Sakhalinskaya GRES-2

Energy builders erected a 150-meter chimney trunk at the Sakhalin GRES-2 site (Sakhalin SDPP-2 JSC - the customer-developer of the same name, a subsidiary of PJSC RusHydro, is under the trust management of PJSC RAO ES of East)

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The policy of paying remunerations will be revised by RusHydro on behalf of Yuri Trutnev

Analyze the remuneration policy of key management personnel in other companies in the industry and align it with RusHydro with the results of the work of RusHydro, vice-premier Yury Trutnev instructed PJSC RusHydro

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The first hydroelectric units of the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP will be launched before the end of 2016 - RusHydro

By the end of this year, the first hydraulic units of the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP will be commissioned (we are talking about two units of the first start-up complex, the total number of units is four)

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For the floating NPP in Chukotka, the design of two overhead lines of 110 kV will be performed by a company from Irkutsk

OOO Premier-Energo (Irkutsk) was recognized as the winner of a tender for the right to enter into an Agreement for design and survey work on the project: Construction of two single-circuit HVL 110 kV Bilibino-Pevek (Chukotsky Autonomous District), PJSC RAO ES Vostoka In the group "RusHydro")

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Because of the increase in the cost of contract work at the Yakutsk SDPP, RusHydro will not fully introduce the facility this year - Nikolai Shulginov

During a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the head of "RusHydro" Nikolai Shulginov said that PAO "RusHydro" can not enter the entire object at the Yakutsk GRES in the current year

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Received from the expected liberalization of the market HPP Xnumx million rubles will not be enough to reduce energy tariffs in the Far East - the head of RusHydro

900 million rubles, in which PJSC RusHydro estimates the amount of funds it will receive from the liberalization of the HPP market, is not enough to reduce tariffs in the Far East. This in an interview with TASS said the company's CEO Nikolai Shulginov

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Has no debt to subcontractors at Sakhalinskaya GRES-2 company "TEK Mosenergo"

Has no debts to its subcontractors, JSC TEK Mosenergo, with which a general contract for the construction of Sakhalinskaya GRES-2

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To solve the tariff problems of the Far East can direct money from the liberalization of prices for HPPs of PJSC "RusHydro"

To resolve the problems with Far East energy tariffs, it is possible to direct the funds of PJSC RusHydro received from 100% price liberalization for hydro power plants in Siberia, the head of the association "NP" Market Council "Maxim Bystrov

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On the successful completion of the heating season, the largest participant in the energy market of the Far East - DGC

On the successful completion of the heating season 2015-2016 on Tuesday announced JSC Far Eastern Generating Company (DGC, part of the holding company RAO ES of the East), the largest participant in the energy market of the Far East

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31 billion rubles exceeded debts of consumers to power engineers of the Far East

At 1 April 2016, the debts of all consumer groups for heat and electricity to the companies of RAO ES Vostok Holding (part of the RusHydro group) amounted to 31,03 billion rubles

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Meeting on the development of transport and energy infrastructure was held in Magadan Yuri Trutnev

Deputy Prime Minister and Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev held a meeting in the Government of the Magadan Region on the development of transport and energy infrastructure

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The construction schedule of the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP keeps RusHydro

On Tuesday, the builders of the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP (Amurskaya Oblast) blocked the Bureya River in the station's site, laying about 1 thousand cubic meters of soil and concrete blocks in the breakwater (part of the channel serving to pass water during the construction of the hydroelectric complex)

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Installation of power equipment at substations under construction of a combined heat and power plant in Sovetskaya Gavan started "RAO ES of the East"

Installation of power equipment at the substations of a newly built CHP plant in Sovetskaya Gavan (Khabarovsk Territory) began with RAO ES Vostoka (part of the RusHydro group)

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At 1% increased in February, the electricity generation of the Eastern ES

The power plant of PJSC "RAO ES Vostoka" (part of the RusHydro group, operates the energy of the Far East) in February this year produced more than 1,1% of electric power, than in February 2015 - 3,372 billion kWh

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The construction of fuel and energy complex in the Far East corresponds to the construction schedule - the Chamber of Accounts

The Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation has considered the results of monitoring the implementation of priority projects of the fuel and energy complex of Eastern Siberia and the Far East by the public joint-stock company "Federal Hydro-Generating Company - RusHydro"

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40% state-owned stake in Irkutskenergo may be sold to En + Oleg Deripaska

In the history of 40% strength of state-owned "Irkutskenergo", which appeared in a variety of transactions discussed energy assets consolidation, there has been another twist

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In the Amur River in 2016g, coal production should remain at the level of 2015g - "Russian Coal"

In 2015, the enterprises of OAO Russian Coal in the Amur Region increased coal production by 10% compared to 2015, bringing it to 3,3 million tonnes

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Nikolai Shulginov headed the Board of Directors of RAO ES of the East

General Director of PJSC RusHydro Nikolai Shulginov was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC RAO ES Vostoka (part of the RusHydro group)

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For DRSC, will attract a loan of 1 billion rubles

PJSC "RAO Energy System of East" (part of the RusHydro group) announced a public auction for raising a loan in the first quarter of the current year in the amount of 1 billion rubles for the subsidiary Far Eastern Distribution Grid Company (DRSK)

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Sergey Plastinin will be in charge of fuel supply of the ES of the East

Former co-owner of Wimm-Bill-Dann Sergey Plastinin became the first deputy general director - director of operations management of RAO ES of the East

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Yakutskaya GRES-2 will be launched in October - "RusHydro"

Sergei Tolstoguzov, the general director of RAO ES of the East, told journalists in Yakutsk that the construction and installation works within the first stage of the Yakutsk SDPP-2 will be completed on time, the station will be put under load in late October 2016

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Annual tax allowance for RusHydo approved by the authorities of the Amur region

In exchange for clearing the bed of the RusGido reservoir, an annual tax credit is granted

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"RusHydro" increased the stake in the capital of "ES of the East" to 96,8%

PJSC RusHydro, following a share buy-out from minority shareholders, increased the indirect ownership in its subsidiary, PJSC RAO ES Vostoka, according to the materials of the two companies

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Founder of Wimm-Bill-Dann Sergey Plastinin can enter the board of directors of the Eastern ES

The Board of Directors of PJSC "RAO ES of the East" proposes to include in its structure the founder and ex-co-owner of "Wimm-Bill-Dann" Sergei Plastinin

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RusHydro expects 2020% growth in net profit for 40%

PJSC "RusHydro" expects the growth of total net profit after the transaction on refinancing the debt of "RAO ES of the East" from VTB to 40% by 2020

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Reduce tariffs in the Far East can be due to dividends RusHydro - Ministry of Energy and RF Ministry of Economic Development

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation supported the idea of ​​the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation not to burden large consumers to reduce tariffs in the Far East, the Kommersant daily writes.

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The term of Yakutsk SDPP-2 commissioning is postponed

JSC RusHydro informs about the delay in the commissioning of the first stage of the Yakutsk SDPP-2 until the actual completion date - 22 November 2016 year

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"RAO ES of the East" is looking for a developer of a feasibility study for the construction of a CHP plant in Chukotka

PJSC "RAO ES of the East" announced an open one-stage tender for the development of a feasibility study, design and working documentation and engineering surveys for the construction of a CHP plant in the town of Balibino (Chukotka Autonomous District)

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Readiness of Yakutsk SDPP-2 for launch - September 2016 year

Previously reported that the climate and the seasonality of the delivery of equipment at YAGRES-2 can lead to a delay in launch for three months, pushing it back to December 2016 year

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Bureyskaya HPP for 9 months at 18% reduced electricity generation

Electricity production at Bureyskaya HPP for the nine months of this year amounted to 4 billion 75,34 million kWh, which is 18% lower than the same period last year, the press service of the hydroelectric station

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The construction of a combined heat and power plant in Sovetskaya Gavan falls behind the schedule for half a year

In the report of the auditor V. Bogomolov, the results of the expert and analytical event "Monitoring of the implementation of the priority projects of the fuel and energy complex of Eastern Siberia and the Far East by the public joint-stock company Federal Hydrogeneration Company - RusHydro (construction of a CHP plant in Sovetskaya Gavan, Sakhalinskaya GRES-2 ( 1-th line), Yakutskaya GRES-2 (1-I turn), Blagoveshchenskaya CHP (2-I turn)

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American turbines drive down Yakutsk

Yakutskaya GRES-2 "RusHydro" was introduced late, but now it is permanently shut down

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There were forty forty

Why did RusHydro three times postpone the launch of the Yakutsk SDPP-2 and do not fit the deadline for completing the construction of other facilities financed by the state

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The cards of Gazprom and Rosneft disclosed to the president

What was presented to Vladimir Putin at the rehearsal meeting of the WEF

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Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP will be supplied by the sun

Russian President Vladimir Putin opened a unique energy hybrid in the Amur Region

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Yegor Borisov: The main thing is certainty

Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - about quick decisions and distant plans of the region

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Nano against Hydro

Who quarreled: Markin with Chubais or still two state corporations

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The main value is communication

Maxim Basov, Pavel Maslovsky, as well as representatives of RusHydro and ALROSA - about the role of the WEF in the development of the Far East

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Developing energy, developing the Far East

For a long time, the Far East energy complex, which was not renewed, received a solid impetus in 2012 year

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The scheme loses stations

One HPP, new CHP plants in Artem and Khabarovsk, power lines for export to China from nonexistent generation facilities - such is the updated scheme of energy development in the Far East

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The only task is to develop the Far East

Sergey TOLSTOGUZOV, General Director of PJSC RAO ES of the East

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Rescue Park

EastRussia - about a unique situation with the Bureysky park

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How to heat the east

Without the development of energy infrastructure, the economic growth of the Far East is impossible

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Translate to the East and monitoring agency Medialogy present an exclusive rating of news visibility in the Far Eastern Federal District for June

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RES is no longer an end in itself

Second International Conference "Renewable Energy in Isolated Systems of the Far East of Russia" was Completed in Yakutsk

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We go our own way

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CHPP in Sovetskaya Gavan

Energy for BAM

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Stay in the "zone" and not go "to the mainland"

Will the SEZ expire in the region?

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