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Design Far East LNG plant will begin in the near future

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A plant to produce LNG will be built on Sakhalin

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Medvedev approved the creation of an LNG terminal in Kamchatka

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French Total plans to invest in LNG terminal in Kamchatka

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Chinese company will help produce liquefied natural gas in the Far East

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The new resident of the TOR "Khabarovsk" will provide the region with liquefied gas

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The Russian government approved a plan for the construction of a sea transshipment complex in Kamchatka

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Novatek wants to expand the boundaries of the seaport in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

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A liquefied gas mini-plant will appear in the Khabarovsk region

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Gazprom plans to build LNG plant on Sakhalin

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Sakhalin authorities in 2019 will spend billion rubles on gasification of the region 1,8

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Singapore company plans to build a small-scale plant in the Khabarovsk Territory

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EastRussia Bulletin: Sakhalin LNG exports increased by 43%

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The Bank of Japan is ready to accompany the project for the construction of an LNG terminal in Kamchatka

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De-Kastri LNG plant cost lowered to 9,8 billion dollars

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Mitsubishi is ready to process waste on Sakhalin and supply products to the island

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Mini-plant of LNG on Sakhalin is loaded due to gas refueling and boiler-houses

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"NOVATEK" will make a resident of the TOP for the construction of an LNG terminal in Kamchatka

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The construction of an LNG terminal in Kamchatka will require 108 billion rubles

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The launch of a mini-plant of liquefied natural gas on Sakhalin will be seen by the participants of the WEF

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Medvedev: Novatek complex will help gasify Kamchatka

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The launch of a mini LNG plant on Sakhalin is scheduled for the first half of the year 2018

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EastRussia Bulletin: Communist Party gains points on Sakhalin fight for its oil and gas revenues

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Compensation for Sakhalin for a part of the tax on the LNG project was proposed in the amount of 16,9 billion rubles.

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The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a law on the redistribution of tax revenues from Sakhalin-2

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NOVATEK is planning a marine LNG terminal in Kamchatka with a capacity of up to 20 million tons per year

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Kamchatka suggested NOVATEK to enter the TOP or SPV with the LNG terminal project

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According to the Far Eastern LNG project, there is no decision yet - representative of Exxon Neftegaz

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Due to the third stage of the LNG plant in Sakhalin and the Baltic LNG, Gazprom asked the government to partially release the company from regulating domestic gas prices

It is explained that Gazprom and Shell are planning to tie the cost of raw materials for them to world prices for hydrocarbons.

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On Sakhalin, the construction of a future mini LNG plant

OOO "Production and Construction Company (SSC)" Sakhalin "in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk began construction of a site for the construction of a mini-plant for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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On Sakhalin there will be a Japanese micro plant for the liquefaction of natural gas

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KOGAS and Gazprom agreed on the supply of Russian liquefied natural gas to Korea

The companies concluded an agreement on the supply of Russian LNG.

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Terminal for bunkering of liquefied natural gas in South Korea will be built two years late

In the port of Thonen, the LNG terminal will be built by the year 2019.

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At 1 million tons of liquefied natural gas, investments in the third stage of Sakhalin-2 are expected to be from 800 million to 1,5 billion dollars

This was announced by the President of the Russian Gas Society, the head of the State Duma Energy Committee Pavel Zavalny within the framework of the XIV International Forum "Gas of Russia 2016".

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Sakhalin Energy cuts exports of liquefied natural gas by half a percentage point

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The idea of ​​the Sakhalin-Tokyo gas pipeline was voiced by Japanese MPs

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Japanese technologies of mini-plants of LNG are of interest for "gas" projects of the Sakhalin region

Questions and prospective opportunities for bilateral cooperation between Sakhalin and the Japanese company Mitsui were discussed by the governor Oleg Kozhemyako and general manager of the 4-th division of natural gas Mitsui Kadzumas Miyazawa

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In the south of Sakhalin, the KRSO will build a mini LNG plant

The agreement of intent to invest 750 million rubles from the regional budget in the construction of a mini-LNG plant in southern Sakhalin on Wednesday signed with Sakhalin Regional Production and Construction Company (SPS) Sakhalin Regional Development Corporation (KRSO)

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At 11% reduced the purchase of LNG from Sakhalin Energy Japan

Sakhalin Energy, operator of the Sakhalin-2 project, slightly increased the volume of shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2015,

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Two sites for the construction of the Far Eastern LNG plant are considered by the participants of this project

As Alexey Volkov, Vice President of ExxonMobil Russia, said during the "LNG of the 2016 Congress", the participants of this project are still watching both possible sites of the LNG plant - DeKastri and Sakhalin

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The operator of the PSA project "Sakhalin-2" Sakhalin Energy installed and commissioned a new compressor

Sakhalin Energy, operator of the Sakhalin-2 PSA project, installed and commissioned a new compressor of the integrated onshore processing complex (OPF) to replace the broken one, which allowed to restore production in the fields in full

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Construction of a mini-LNG plant in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk must be accelerated - the authorities of the region

The administration of the region is interested in speeding up the implementation of the project for the construction of a mini-LNG plant in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The question of the construction of this facility, important for island energy, was discussed at a meeting that was held by the Governor Oleg Kozhemyako

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On Sakhalin there will be a mini-plant of LNG and CNG filling stations worth almost 1 billion rubles

The capacity of the new mini LNG plant in the suburb of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will be 13 thousand tons of liquefied gas a year, the construction is planned to be completed in 2017 year

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The abolition of gas supplies to Japan leads to structural changes in the global LNG market

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) market changed in 2011, when Japan eventually shut down all its nuclear reactors after the Fukushima tragedy. To compensate for the shortage of energy produced, Japan increased the consumption of liquefied natural gas, thereby raising the price of LNG in the Asia-Pacific region to an unprecedented level

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85% of Sakhalin Oblast's foreign trade turnover is accounted for by Asia-Pacific countries - Japan, Republic of Korea, PRC

Exports of goods and services from the Sakhalin region in 2015 amounted to 5,8 billion dollars, imports - 1,7 billion, dollars

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Governor of Magadan Region Vladimir Pechenyi doubts the expediency of supplying the region with Yakut liquefied gas

The Governor of Magadan Oblast, Vladimir Pechenyi, doubts the expediency of supplying the region with Yakutian liquefied gas, as Gazprom Promgaz plans - much more promising for him is the supply of gas from the Sakhalin deposits

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Based on materials of Gazprom: The projected capacity of the South Kirinskoye field is 16 billion cubic meters of gas per year

Drilling 3 and 4 wells at the Yuzhno-Kirinskoye field, Gazprom discovered oil, while subsequent oil wells did not reveal

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Sakhalin Energy's revenues from LNG exports decreased by 8% to 4 billion

The reduced volume of LNG export for 8 months 2015 year from the company Sakhalin Energy amounted to 9,617 billion cubic meters.

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Russian LNG in the ATR market: seriously and for a long time

The NOVATEK project promises to be very attractive to consumers

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Submarines without gas

Why the NOVATEK LNG terminal project in Kamchatka could rise in price by $ 500 million

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Sakhalin in 2016: a pause for the "economic miracle"?

Rostislav Turovsky on the development of the eastern regions of Russia

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"Who did not have time, he was late"

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Is it a pipe?

Experts of the international forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia in the 21st Century" about the turn to the East: if we do not succeed in the next five years, we will be late

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Gas gas strife

By 2018, Rosneft plans to build a LNG plant on Sakhalin

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Oil is not a problem

Gazprom does not intend to shift the terms of construction of the LNG plant in Primorye

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Regional advantages

Investment strategies of the Far East

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