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The power of Siberia. Latest News - Eastrussia - Russian Far East






The Power of Siberia



Power of Siberia shut down for prevention

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The work of the "Power of Siberia" will be suspended for prevention

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Gazprom built a gas pipeline branch to Tsiolkovsky

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Putin and Xi Jinping Launch the Power of Siberia

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The leaders of Russia and China will launch the "Power of Siberia" in the teleconference mode

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The date of the start of gas to China by the “Power of Siberia” became known

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Power of Siberia filled with gas

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Gazprom wants to send Sakhalin gas to China

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China wants to increase gas supplies through the Power of Siberia

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Compressor station in Yakutia to be built for the Power of Siberia gas pipeline

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Vostochny Space Center will connect to the "Power of Siberia"

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China and Russia built the site "Forces of Siberia" near Amur

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Russia will start supplying gas to China ahead of schedule

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Amur region received 1,7 billion from gas projects

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EastRussia Bulletin: a small refinery will be restarted in the Irkutsk region

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For the Chinese builders of the "Force of Siberia" created a special temporary border crossing

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StroyTransNefteGaz issued a "red book" of areas near the Siberian Power and Chayandinskoye field

StroyTransNefteGas, Gazprom's daughter, in the framework of the Year of Ecology implemented an interesting project - the "red book" of the Siberian and Chayandinskoye fields.

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OJSC "Volgogradneftemash" will supply with the necessary equipment a strategically important gas pipeline "Power of Siberia"

Shipment of the first batch of ball valves, commissioned by Gazprom transgaz Tomsk, has already begun.

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Indigenous minorities of the north of Yakutia received 53 million rubles in compensation from Gazprom's daughter for the construction of the "Siberian Power"

Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk compensated the Yakut indigenous peoples for the damage caused by the construction of the Siberia Power pipeline on their territory

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StroyTransNeftegaz and another 3 companies for 620 thousand rubles for violations during the construction of the Siberian Power-1 pipeline were fined by Rostechnadzor

The Lensk office of Rostekhnadzor carried out a verification of the construction of the Siberia-1 main gas pipeline, during which numerous violations were revealed.

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Gazprom is looking for a performer on the bridge crossings of the Siberian Force

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Plans of orders for the "Force of Siberia" were reduced at the Perm enterprise

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Investments in the "Power of Siberia" reduced by 17%

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Gazprom intends to invest in Chayanda and the "Power of Siberia" to 140 billion rubles - Yegor Borisov

The head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yegor Borisov, responding to a press conference on Interfax's question, said that over the next year PJSC Gazprom plans to invest in the development of the Chayandinskoye field, as well as the construction of the Siberia Power pipeline up to 140 billion rubles

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The exact timing of the launch of the "Force of Siberia" dissolved in streamlined formulations

It seems that the export gas pipeline to China, about launching which in 2019 a lot of talked and written gas specialists, in three years can not earn. How can the Chayanda OGKM not be put into planned operation in 2018? The documentation of Gazprom has undergone some changes

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Gazprom views the Vostochny spaceport as the first gas supply facility from the Siberian Force,

Vitaly Markelov, Gazprom's deputy chairman of the board, said at a press conference on Tuesday that PJSC Gazprom expects that Yakutia and the Amur Region will withdraw 2,5 bn cb per year from the Siberian Power Pipeline. M of gas

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From the largest overhead line in the Far East will be powered by the facilities of Gazprom in Yakutia

To the HVL 220 kV "Chernyshevsky - Mirny - Lensk - Peleduy" (owned by JSC "Far Eastern Energy Company" (DVEUK)) will connect the facilities of JSC Gazprom - the main gas pipeline "Power of Siberia" and Chayanda OGKM in Yakutia

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"Gazprom" will submit to the Ministry of Energy an analysis of the construction of gas pipelines - bends from the "Siberia Power" for gasification of the Baikal region

On the site of the RF Cabinet of Ministers there is a list of instructions adopted at the end of the meeting of the Government Commission on the Social and Economic Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region

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Cargoes for the "Force of Siberia" is ready to receive and process in 2016 г ГК "Старвей"

In the navigation of 2016, the Group of Companies "Starway" is ready to receive and process 430 thousand tons of cargo for the construction of the "Siberia Power" pipeline system, including 260 thousand tons of large diameter pipes

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The main areas of interaction between Yakutia and Gazprom were discussed by Yegor Borisov and Alexey Miller

The working meeting of the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor Borisov in Moscow with Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board of PJSC Gazprom, discussed a number of main areas of cooperation in the implementation of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline project and the construction of the Chayandinsky field to ensure gas supplies to the Far East and to China via the "eastern" route

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Tender of Gazprom on the "Power of Siberia" for 7,8 billion rubles won "Neftegazstroy"

OOO Neftegazstroy won a tender for the construction of the section of the Siberian Power pipeline with an extension of 60,7 km, offering a practically maximum starting price

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A modest tender for 8 billion rubles was announced by Gazprom on the site of the Siberian Force, where a mega-tender for 156 billion rubles was recently canceled

Quite modest in size - only 7,818 billion rubles - and the lightning-fast bidding process announced by Gazprom on the site in the middle of the route of the pipeline "The Power of Siberia"

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The Power of Siberia gas pipeline will take 650 hectares from the territory of the State Natural Zoological Reserve Tolbuzinsky

"Subsidiary of PJSC Gazprom Gazprom Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk decided to build a pipeline parallel to the ESPO pipe, but a few years ago the pipeline was laid along the site of the reserve without alienation of the territory." As it turned out, I can not say, but Gazprom ran into a problem, "notes the director Amur Environmental Union Yuri Gafarov

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"Gazprom UGS" will carry out geological exploration in the Belogorsky area in the Amur Region

The company received in December last year a license for the Belogorsky site for reconnaissance under the storage for the "Siberian Force"

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Expenses of Gazprom on the "Power of Siberia" in 2016 will be halved

For the second year in a row, Gazprom is reducing the pace of investment in the construction of the Siberia-Siberia gas main pipeline,

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Gazprom canceled the tender for 822 km of the "Force of Siberia"

"Gazprom" by its decision canceled the tender for 822 km of the "Forces of Siberia" worth 156 billion rubles

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As part of the construction of the "Forces of Siberia" in the Amur region, two agreements have been signed

Before the construction of the Amur part of the Siberian Gas pipeline, OOO Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk and the government of the Amur Region signed two agreements - information cooperation and training

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In the spring of 2016, Gazprom is counting on a new "gas" contract with China

Gazprom expects that the contract for the supply of Russian gas to China via the "western" route (that is, via the "Siberia-2" gas pipeline) will be concluded next spring.

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Siberia shows strength

What will the regions get from launching a gas pipeline to China?

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Amur GPP will reset the economy of the Far East

The largest Far East construction is on schedule: before the commissioning of the first start-up complex of the largest gas processing enterprise in Russia, less than two years remain. By 2025, the plant will reach its design capacity - 42 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year

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The oil and gas industry goes to depth

How the key raw material projects of the Far East develop

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"Strength of Siberia" is strengthened by state support

Chronicles of the Far East megaproject № 1 - "The Power of Siberia"

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Chayanda's "fatty" gas

Construction of the "Siberia Power" gas pipeline is an occasion for discussion of the national gas plans

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"Contract of the Century"

Since 2018, Russia will start supplying natural gas to China, planning to reach a figure of 38 billion cubic meters of gas annually

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Deferred Strength

Will the construction period of the gas pipeline change?

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