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TOP Belogorsk



The second duty-free cargo was received by the resident of the TOR "Belogorsk", who declared the procedure for a free customs zone

The "Amursky" oil-extraction plant - the resident of the Belogorsk TOR - received the second duty-free cargo - the refining line. Specialists have already started installation of equipment

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ТОР "Belogorsk" will receive investments approved by the Governmental Sub-Commission on the basis of the Development Fund of the Far East

New investment projects that will receive financial support from the Far East Development Fund (FDWF) were approved by the Government Subcommission on the implementation of investment projects in the Far East and the Baikal region under the chairmanship of Yury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister and Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District

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TOR "Belogorsk" was visited by Chinese journalists

Participants in the Beijing Media Frontier "The Border of China and Russia - the Border of Peace and Cooperation" - journalists from Russia and China - were given the opportunity to visit the TOP and communicate with residents

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Cooperation issues within the framework of the TDB "Belogorsk" were discussed with potential investors from Japan

Representatives of the regional administration discussed cooperation with the TOR "Belogorsk" with potential investors from Japan - the head of the Belogorsk Stanislav Melyukov told the Japanese delegation, which arrived in the Amur region, with a study visit about prospects and possible cooperation within the TOR "Belogorsk"

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The pace of the construction of an oil extraction plant in the TOP "Belogorsk" was discussed in the Amur Region

The meeting on the construction of an oil extraction plant on the territory of the TOR "Belogorsk" was held by the Governor of the Amur Region Alexander Kozlov. At present, the construction of the first stage is in full swing

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In the TOP "Priamurskaya" is ready to launch a cement plant

Necessary commissioning, conducted a cement plant of the company "C Technology", which is a resident of the TOP "Priamurskaya" in the Amur region. The company is ready to launch after cement certification, the press service of the regional government

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The first duty-free cargo for TOR in the Amur region is decorated at the Blagoveshchensk customs.

The first foreign goods freed from payment of customs duties under the new rules at the Blagoveshchensk customs were components for the Belogorsky oil extraction plant, which is a resident of the territory of advanced development (TOR) in the Amur Region

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On preferential crediting at creation of a factory on processing of a soya the authorities of the Amur region count

On preferential crediting of the project for the construction of the largest in Russia plant for processing soybeans count the authorities of the Amur region

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Prospective conditions for business development are formed in the Far East - residents of the TOP

The interest of the business community is evoked by new instruments for the development of the Far East - the territory of advanced development, the Free Port of Vladivostok, infrastructure support for investment projects

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The plans to launch the only plant in Russia on deep processing of soybeans told Vladimir Putin the governor of the Amur Region

Within the framework of TOP Belogorsky in the Amur Region, the plant for deep soybean processing will be commissioned by the end of this year

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Finished the modernization of the bakery plant resident of the Torogorsk region “Belogorsk”

LLC "Belkhleb", resident of the territory of advanced development "Belogorsk", in April launched production after a major overhaul of the bakery. The total cost of the project 18 million rubles, currently invested 13 million. These funds are overhauled the premises of the plant, as well as modern equipment that allows to improve the quality of the final products and reduce electricity consumption

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The Belkhleb company became a new resident of the Belogorsk TOR

A new resident of the Belogorsk TOR was Belkhleb, which signed an agreement to carry out activities as a resident of the Belogorsk TOR with the managing company of the Far East Development Corporation JSC

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Yuri Trutnev assessed the development prospects of the Amur Region

Prospects for the development of the Amur region were discussed today at a meeting held in the government of the region by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev

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South Korea will be able to finance agroprojects of the Far East

Alexander Galushka discussed with the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Korea an increase in the supply of Russian agricultural products and the attraction of financing to agroprojects in the Far East

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Animation, not otherwise

What do TOPs offer in addition to tax benefits, argues the governor Alexander Kozlov

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Raw materials, logistics, food and tourism

Head of the Development Fund of the Far East Alexey Chekunkov spoke about the priority directions of investment

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Vasily Orlov: "We are the breadbasket of the Far East"

What will the Priamurye become in the coming years, learned EastRussia

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