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Transneft will require from Rosneft 1,5 billion rubles for a simple withdrawal at the Komsomolsk refinery

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China intends to reduce the supply of Russian oil through the ESPO - Skovorodino - Mohe

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Transneft supports the tariff for pumping oil through the Kuyumba-Taishet oil pipeline in the amount of 804 ruble per tonne

Earlier FAS suggested setting a tariff for transportation of this pipeline 517 rubles per tonne.

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Following the results of the 2016 year, the largest taxpayers of the two Far Eastern regions were the structures "Transneft"

The largest regional taxpayers of the Far East

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Transitions ESPO-2 will be equipped with backup threads

The company LLC "MCC ESPO" (part of Transneft PJSC) carried out engineering surveys at the site of the future construction of a backup line of the underwater crossing over the Amur River.

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Scammers post on the Internet job advertisements in OOO "Transneft - Far East"

Under the guise of company representatives, they propose to transfer funds for transportation costs

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Transneft launches Zapolyarye-Purpe and Kuyumba-Taishet

Russian President Vladimir Putin has started the start-up of oil pipelines in the Polar region - Purpe and Kuyumba - Taishet

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Since 2018, China will be able to take up to 30 million tons of oil from the ESPO system for the withdrawal of Skovorodino-Mohe

The Chinese side confirmed that its pipeline section will be ready for an increase in the receipt of oil from Russia from 1 January 2018.

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The Federal Antimonopoly Service will approve the tariff for Transneft for pumping oil from Kuyumba-Taishet by mid-February

Earlier, the official representative of Transneft, Igor Demin, said that the company is counting on the tariff 835,2 rub. Per ton of oil.

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The winner of the contest "EcoLider" was the company "Transneft - Far East"

OOO "Transneft-Far East" became the winner of the regional contest "EcoLeader" for the second year in a category "Large Enterprise", the awarding ceremony took place in the building of the Khabarovsk Krai Government.

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"Sviaztransneft" has completed the next stage of the construction of the communication network of the Zapolyarye-Purpe pipeline

Under the project "Pipeline system" Polar region - oil pumping station "Purpe". Communications Network "introduced a digital microwave relay line.

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Transneft-Vostok has tested the Kuyumba-Taishet oil pipeline for strength and tightness

Completed technological testing of complex systems of all production facilities of the 700-kilometer highway.

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Expansion of the withdrawal to the ESPO by 2018 year, China will not fulfill

China notified Transneft of its failure to fulfill its obligations to expand the diversion from the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline (ESPO) to the end of 2017.

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Transneft conducted exercises on the underwater passage of the ESPO-2 oil pipeline in Primorye

On the crossing the Bolshaya Ussurka River, the second stage of the ESPO-2, training exercises were held.

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Transneft-Kozmino Port has completed construction of storage tanks for fire-fighting water supplies

Now in the port of Kozmino 4 new water tank.

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Earthquake in Amur region did not affect ESPO work

Despite the natural disaster, the oil pipeline operates on a regular basis.

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Measures to eliminate oil spills in the port have been worked out by the company "Transneft"

Complex exercises for the liquidation of oil spills were conducted in Vladivostok

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Reserve system links were introduced at the Kuyumba-Taishet oil pipeline (Transneft)

Svyaztransneft has installed new lines of fiber optic cable on the pipeline section.

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Point for oil spill prevention has been created at the Zapolyarye-Purpe oil pipeline

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Transneft-Siberia conducts works on the organization of favorable conditions for the Trans-Polye-Purpe

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Rosneft began preparatory stages for the supply of oil to the "Kuyumba-Taishet"

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FAS and Transneft can not agree on tariffs for transportation of Yamal oil to ESPO

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Gruzovaya Station in the Far East may be of interest to both Russian Railways and investors in the Vostochny Port - Igor Demin

Tender for the provision of services for the valuation of the market value of infrastructure for the non-public use of the station Cargo (Primorsky Krai, Partizansky district) was announced by Transneft,

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Roman Kovalev is appointed General Director of OOO "Transneft-Far East"

Roman Kovalev, who previously held the position of chief engineer of the enterprise, was appointed Director General of Transneft Far East LLC (part of Transneft AK).

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Tender for 1,4 billion rubles was announced by Transneft as part of the expansion of the withdrawal from the ESPO to China

The closed tender within the framework of the fourth stage of expanding the capacity of the diversion from the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline system (ESPO) to China was announced by Transneft

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Transneft has announced a tender for the establishment of a linear emergency service for ESPO

AK Transneft announced a tender for the creation of a linear emergency maintenance service (LES) at the N9 oil pumping station (NPS-9) to expand the capacity of the ESPO pipeline, said on the website of public procurement

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Winners of tenders for the construction of a branch from the ESPO to the Komsomolsky refinery are selected

OOO Transneft-Far East (part of Transneft) determined the winners of three tenders for the construction of a diversion from the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline system to the Komsomolsk refinery (owned by Rosneft Oil Company)

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Ministry of Defense does not recognize the decision to return "Transneft's daughter" 30 million rubles for renting land in the Far East

The Moscow Arbitration Court granted the claim of OOO Transneft-Far East (a subsidiary of AK Transneft) and decided to recover from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation 29 million rubles

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