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Yakut GRES-2. Latest News - Eastrussia - Russian Far East






Yakutsk SDPP-2



RusHydro has launched Yakutskaya GRES-2

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SP RF identified the reasons for delaying RusHydro input of power facilities in the Far Eastern Federal District

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Yakutskaya GRES-2 will not be able to start before the end of October - the authorities

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During the implementation of the Yakut GRES-2 project, an overhead line was built

In the course of implementing the electric power transmission scheme from Yakutsk SDPP-2, PJSC RAO ES Vostoka, part of the RusHydro group, successfully completed the development of the 110 kV double-tracked air line, Tabanga-Maya, with a total length of 9,9 km

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Yakutsk State District Power Station-2 has completed works on technical connection of sewerage systems

As the press service of PJSC "RAO ES of the East" informs, works on technological connection of the sewage system at the Yakutsk SDPP-2 to the centralized water drainage system of Yakutsk have been completed, as a result of which the construction of this facility can be considered complete

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The transfer of the Yakutsk SDPP-2 commissioning period may be due to the actions of the general contractor

As before, the readiness of Yakutsk SDPP-80 (one of the priority projects of PJSC RusHydro) remains at the level of 2%, despite the fact that in early June the management of JSC RusHydro instructed the general contractor of the construction of TEK Mosenergo to intensify construction work

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In 2,5 billion rubles a fine could cost RusHydro the delay in launching the power unit at the Yakutsk SDPP-2

RusHydro may not have time to start the power unit at 2016 in the Yakutsk SDPP-2, and under the terms of the additional agreement to the construction contract for the failure to meet the deadline, the company faces a fine of 2,5 billion rubles, writes Vedomosti

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Transfer of input of the Yakutsk state district power station-2 to 2017 year was confirmed by RusHydro

In the first half of the year 2017 plans to put into operation Yakutskaya GRES-2 RusHydro, the company's head Nikolai Shulginov told reporters on Friday in Yakutsk

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By 573 million rubles per year will be paid by Yakutskenergo for the lease of Yakutskaya TPP-2 RAO ES of the East

573,166 million rubles will be the annual rent for the use of the property complex of the Yakut state district power station-2

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The construction of fuel and energy complex in the Far East corresponds to the construction schedule - the Chamber of Accounts

The Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation has considered the results of monitoring the implementation of priority projects of the fuel and energy complex of Eastern Siberia and the Far East by the public joint-stock company "Federal Hydro-Generating Company - RusHydro"

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The term of Yakutsk SDPP-2 commissioning is postponed

JSC RusHydro informs about the delay in the commissioning of the first stage of the Yakutsk SDPP-2 until the actual completion date - 22 November 2016 year

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Readiness of Yakutsk SDPP-2 for launch - September 2016 year

Previously reported that the climate and the seasonality of the delivery of equipment at YAGRES-2 can lead to a delay in launch for three months, pushing it back to December 2016 year

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The cost of construction of Far Eastern stations now amounts to 88 billion rubles

RusHydro increased the cost of construction of Far Eastern stations to 88 billion rubles

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The construction of a combined heat and power plant in Sovetskaya Gavan falls behind the schedule for half a year

In the report of the auditor V. Bogomolov, the results of the expert and analytical event "Monitoring of the implementation of the priority projects of the fuel and energy complex of Eastern Siberia and the Far East by the public joint-stock company Federal Hydrogeneration Company - RusHydro (construction of a CHP plant in Sovetskaya Gavan, Sakhalinskaya GRES-2 ( 1-th line), Yakutskaya GRES-2 (1-I turn), Blagoveshchenskaya CHP (2-I turn)

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American turbines drive down Yakutsk

Yakutskaya GRES-2 "RusHydro" was introduced late, but now it is permanently shut down

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The only task is to develop the Far East

Sergey TOLSTOGUZOV, General Director of PJSC RAO ES of the East

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How to heat the east

Without the development of energy infrastructure, the economic growth of the Far East is impossible

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Yakutsk SDPP-2

How to build on permafrost

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