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New domestic equipment within the program of import substitution put into operation "Elgaugol"

New equipment of domestic production - a screen for dividing coal into classes, which in its performance is not inferior to the previously used analogue - was put into operation at the processing plant LLC "Elgaugol" (a subsidiary of JSC Holding Company "Yakutugol", is a member of the Mechel Group)

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The jubilee two-hundred-millionth ton of coal was processed by the concentrator Yakutugol

The jubilee two-hundred-millionth ton of coking coal processed for the 32 year from the start of the operation the enrichment plant Neryungrinskaya HK Yakutugol (part of the Mechel Group)

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They surpassed their own record for the total length of the drilled Yakutugol drilled for a month

A team of drilling rigs DM-L of the coal mine Neryungrinsky, JSC KhK Yakutugol (part of the Mechel Group), reached a high production level for the total length of the wells drilled in a month.

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"Elgaugol" increases coal production figures

In OOO Elgaugol (a subsidiary of JSC Holding Company Yakutugol, is a member of the Mechel Group), based on the results of the work for the first half of the year 2016, the growth in coal mining indicators was recorded relative to the same period of the previous year

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Open mining works at the coal field "Jebariki-Khaya" began "Yakutugol"

The first explosion of overburden was carried out at the Jabariki-Khaya coal deposit by the joint-stock company HK Yakutugol, which is part of the Mechel Group. Explosive work laid the foundation for open mining operations in the section, which will be more cost-effective and safer than the previously used mining method of mining

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"Yakutugol" expands the fleet of equipment, which has high technical characteristics

The new heavy-duty truck for maintenance and repair of quarry dump trucks has put into operation JSC HK "Yakutugol" (part of the Mechel Group). The cost of equipment amounted to more than 10 million rubles

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Length of tracks of the railway station "Ugolnaya" increased "Yakutugol"

The length of the receiving tracks of the Ugolnaya station was increased by Yakutugol Holding JSC (part of the Mechel Group). This allows the company to significantly reduce the cost of transporting coal to consumers, the press service of the company reports.

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The first million tons of coking coal on the Elga was released by Mechel's "daughter"

The mark of 1 million tons for the production of coking concentrate since the beginning of operation of the factory exceeded OOO Elgaugol (a subsidiary of JSC Holding Company Yakutugol, a member of the Mechel Group) at the concentrator of the Elginsky Coal Complex

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A lot of pumps for the concentrating factory "Neryungrinskaya" was purchased by Yakutugol

OAO Holding Company Yakutugol (part of the Mechel group) acquired Warman 11 slurry pumps to work at the processing plant (NF) Neryungrinskaya

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With the increase in coal production, Yakutugol started the year

In January 2016, 843 thousand tons of coking coal and energy brands were extracted at the enterprises of Yakutugol, which are part of the Mechel Group, which is 17% higher than the same period last year

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A contagious example

The energy market in the Far East expands as the cost of imported fuel increases.

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