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Forest smuggling at 4 million rubles revealed in Buryatia

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Entrepreneur in Chita caught almost 13 million rubles withdrawal abroad

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A company from Nakhodka was caught in a multi-million dollar scam

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A new head of regional customs has appeared in Kamchatka

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New Head of Far Eastern Operational Customs Appointed

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New rules for transporting fruits and vegetables across the border come into force

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Trans-Baikal plans to expand checkpoint on border with China

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Accounts Chamber found billions of rubles in customs at 1 at customs

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The former head of the Far Eastern Operational Customs has been arrested for taking bribes

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Radioactive cargo detained in Vladivostok

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Sakhalin customs reported on the transfer of almost a ton of contraband alcohol to the feds

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Former customs officer in Primorye received a suspended sentence for "kickbacks" from bonuses

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Vladivostok Customs: there will be no double duties on cars for non-residents

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Two customs officers are judged in Khabarovsk for accepting a bribe

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In the Far East has become a half times more imported cars

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By the 2020, two electronic customs declaration centers will be commissioned in the FEFD

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Resident SPV began to provide customs clearance services

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Cork from the trucks was formed at the border crossing in Primorye on the eve of the Eastern New Year

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Customs officers at Vladivostok airport were seized from a passenger from the DPRK 24 block of cigarettes

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Vladivostok Customs initiated proceedings on the export of three beluga whales to China

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Vladivostok Customs did not release contraband live crab to 1 million rubles to Korea

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Criminal cases on the fact of non-payment of 100 million rubles for the importation of spices are initiated in Primorye

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The case of smuggling and non-payment of duties by “Dobroflot” is closed in Primorye

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Fish products produced at sea will gain status by October - Trutnev

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Sakhalin: smuggling of tobacco products in January-March

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A smuggler from Korea tried to smuggle through the seaside customs illegally more than 30 thousand dollars

Customs officers at the airport in Vladivostok discovered a large amount of undeclared currency from a DPRK citizen flying to Pyongyang, the Vladivostok Customs press service said on Monday.

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Customs officers in Primorye seized several boxes with aviation parts from a Russian border crossing point at the border guard of China

The Chinese said that he does not export goods that need to be declared.

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Yakutia wants to resume its own customs

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Two criminal cases were filed against the management of the Birobidzhan firm for attempting to bring to China a shipment of undeclared fish.

It is noted that undeclared fish was found during the inspection of two trucks at the checkpoint Pokrovka of the Bikino customs post of the Khabarovsk customs.

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Employees of Ussuriysk customs in Primorye detained a large shipment of undeclared black caviar

Through customs, they attempted to smuggle more than 90 kg of valuable cargo

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Facts of illegal movement of timber from valuable species of wood to China were revealed by customs officers in Primorye

A resident of Vladivostok has developed a criminal export scheme for Chinese citizens of manchurian oak and ash boards

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More than 400 thousand cubic meters of timber and timber products were issued and exported from Russia through the Blagoveshchensk customs last year

This is 15% less compared to the previous reporting period.

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Investigative bodies opened a criminal case on bribe taking against the head of the customs post in Ussuriysk

A representative of the Ussuri Customs (Primorsky Krai) received a bribe for a loyal attitude to goods transported through the border

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Owners of detainees at the Vladivostok customs house began to receive the first passports of vehicles

Previously, the owners of the machines could not receive due to the lack of an installed ERA-GLONASS system on imported cars

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The Governor of Primorye, Vladimir Miklushevsky, proposed to the presidential envoy in the Far East Yuri Trutnev to postpone the installation of ERA-GLONASS systems for cars

On January 1, the demand for the mandatory equipping of passenger and freight vehicles, first issued in circulation in Russia, with the systems of emergency operational services ERA-GLONASS, came into force.

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Customs of the Far East detained more than half of foreign cars imported in January

This was due to the unidentified ERA-GLONASS system.

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Bailiffs handed over to the Amur Museum fragments of rhinoceros that were illegally transported across the border

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Passage of transit cargoes through the MTC “Primorye-1” and “Primorye-2” will be accelerated by Vladivostok customs

During the meeting, which was held by Acting First Deputy Head of Vladivostok Customs Alexei Kuzmin with operators of sea terminals, and also discussed the entry into force of Article 22 of the Law "On the Free Port of Vladivostok"

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Sakhalin Customs is preparing to work with the ToR

Sakhalin customs have not received any appeals from residents of advanced development territories (TOR), which are implemented on Sakhalin, but they are ready for this work.

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In Primorye there is a reorganization of customs

As part of the implementation of the federal law on the Free Port of Vladivostok, according to which from October 1 2016 on the territory of the Primorye municipalities 15, the checkpoints should go on round-the-clock operation, the Far Eastern Customs Administration announced the reorganization: On June 12, the Hasan customs will be part of Ussuriysk

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In the port of Primorye, the case for smuggling of coal for 70 million rubles

The criminal case on the smuggling of about 30 thousand tons of coal, worth more than 70 million rubles, was initiated by the Nakhodka Customs

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Turnover through the customs of the Far East in 2015 decreased by 8% to 28,9 million tons

The volume of goods turnover through the customs of the Far Eastern region in 2015 compared with 2014 year decreased by 8% to 28,9 million tons

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85% of Sakhalin Oblast's foreign trade turnover is accounted for by Asia-Pacific countries - Japan, Republic of Korea, PRC

Exports of goods and services from the Sakhalin region in 2015 amounted to 5,8 billion dollars, imports - 1,7 billion, dollars

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Number of parcels from China for 2015 year increased by 13,5 times - Blagoveshchensk customs

The total weight of 587 thousand postal items from the PRC, which passed the sorting center of the international postal exchange in 2015 year, exceeds 387 tons

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Khabarovsk Customs in 2015 marks export growth by 3,6%

The number of foreign trade cargoes at the Khabarovsk customs in 2015 exceeded 3 million tons in the year, the turnover of goods in comparison with the previous year increased by 2,9%

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Black scrap: melt can not be exported

Choose where to put an end to the uncontrolled export of scrap metal from the Far East, the law enforcers

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Customs freedom does not become complete

The reasons for the lack of demand for the preferential treatment of STZ in the Far East

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800 Chinese tons

Alexander Saveliev on why black caviar from China and Italy to Russia is supplied, but on the shelves it seems not

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The BUO was loaded by the president

The government of the Russian Federation was obliged to prepare proposals for the opening of a cargo and passenger checkpoint at the Bolshoi Ussuriiskoye

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SPV is pulled out of bureaucratic diapers

Two years of the regime's existence brought billions of investments and several problems at once

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With the ruble and demand

The Far East opened an exporter

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