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Power engineering



EastRussia Bulletin: the cost of building the Artyomovskaya CHPP has caused controversy

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Chukotka combined its energy system with Kolyma

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Two district centers in Transbaikalia will receive street lighting

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Chukotka will present clean energy projects at WEF

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Russian Academy of Sciences has signed an agreement with Sakhalin State University

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FGC UES is modernizing the power substations in the JAR

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The government of Transbaikalia wants to build a solar cell plant

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Pensions Russians want to send to the "green" energy

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In Buryatia, began to build a new solar power plant

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Sechin predicts growth in energy demand to 2040 year

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Polymetal began to use wind energy in the Khabarovsk Territory

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Nuclear power plant for Chukotka FNPP passed all tests

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Iceland thought about the construction of geothermal power plants in Kamchatka and the Kuriles

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Solutions of engineering cases of the championship “RATSENERGY” will present the 10 teams of the DGK

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DGK will spend 7,25 billion rubles to repair equipment in 2019 year

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RusHydro to continue modernization of power facilities in the Far East in 2019

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In Yakutia, plan to build a gas power plant

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Power engineers set up the work of Neryungrinskaya GRES

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Power engineers are looking for designers for new thermal power plants in Khabarovsk and Artem

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Investors from Japan are ready to build a power plant in the Khabarovsk Territory

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Debts of Primteploenergo jeopardized the passage of the heating season in Primorye

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On Sakhalin, the coal mine VGK suspended the shipment of coal boiler

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New modular boiler houses in Primorye spent more than 160 million rubles

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Oleg Kozhemyako will raise the issue of energy development in Primorye at the federal level

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“RASU” will help Chukotka with the development of electric power industry

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"DVEUK" invests in the energy sector of Yakutia 15 billion rubles

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RusHydro took special control over the preparation of Birobidzhan CHPP for winter

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Participants of the WEF will discuss the development of energy cooperation in the Far East

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DGC increased heat and power production in the first half of the year 2018

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RusHydro will spend 14,6 billion rubles for repair of power facilities in the Far East

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The Governmental ANO "ATP" together with the Scottish Aggreko formed a "road map" for the development of power supply for the villages of the Far East

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Energy for remote areas of Kamchatka is offered by a British company

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British Aggreko presented technology projects for energy supply of isolated villages

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EastRussia Bulletin: The Far East leads the development of alternative energy

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Governmental ANO "Agency for Technological Development" will help British Aggreko spread technology in the Far East

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EastRussia Newsletter: Prospects for the development of alternative energy are better in Yakutia

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Head of the Far Eastern Division Sergey Tolstoguzov left PJSC "RusHydro"

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Wind power generation by Japanese technology saved 400 tons of diesel fuel for Ust-Kamchatka for 2016 year

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Energy gyro for industrial consumers in the Primorsky Territory from 1 April will be reduced by more than 20%

The cheapening of electricity will be the result of amendments to the federal law "On Energy", approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Russia and China diversify energy cooperation

Russia and China diversify cooperation in the energy sector and there is reason to talk about building a so-called "energy alliance" between the two countries, Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov said.

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Ministry of Energy: Russia and the APR countries can exchange surpluses of electric power

Russia, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea and China are now working on integrating their networking systems into the Great Asian Energy Ring.

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In the period up to 2020, China's total investment in renewable energy will amount to 360 billion dollars

Relevant information was voiced by the deputy head of the State Administration for Energy Affairs Li Yangje.

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Chinese company TBEA intends to engage in energy projects in Siberia and the Far East

Cooperation with a well-known energy supplier in China was discussed today in Vladivostok at a meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev with the management of TBEA.

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Active work on the implementation of the energy bridge from Sakhalin to Hokkaido is not on the Russian-Japanese agenda

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Buryatia is not satisfied with electricity prices

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The RusHydro project was blocked by the Trans-Baikal government

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In Yakutia, major overhaul of GRES has been completed

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Consumers in the European part will pay 1% more due to equalization of energy tariffs - Igor Artemyev

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The newly built CHP in Sovetskaya Gavan will be connected to the city heating networks

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Energy opportunities of the Far East interested investors from India

Energy opportunities of the Far East, presented at SPIEF-2016, attracted the attention of Indian business

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The energy complex of Kamchatka should develop due to the geothermal resources of the peninsula - Yuri Trutnev

The presidential envoy to the Far East, Yuri Trutnev, believes that the energy complex of Kamchatka should develop, mainly due to the geothermal resources of the peninsula

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Vladimir Putin: we will level the tariff in the Far East

Speaking at the plenary session of the media forum of regional and local media "Truth and Justice" organized by the All-Russian Popular Front, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the situation with tariffs for electricity in the Far East

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In Primorye, shorten the connection to the grid to 90 days

The experts of Primorye discussed the draft road map "Energetika", the implementation of which is designed to improve the efficiency of procedures for connecting electricity for the coastal entrepreneurs. The connection period is planned to be reduced to 90 days, the number of procedures required for this procedure is up to three

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FSK G introduced in the Far East in 2015 year more than 100 km of power lines

In 2015, PJSC "FGC UES" introduced 150 MVA of transformer capacity in the Far East and built more than 100 km of power transmission lines

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China-Russia cooperation in the energy sector is of a long-term nature: China's media

Cooperation between China and Russia in the energy sector is long-term, the Chinese Xinhua News Agency writes, noting that by the end of January of this year, 79,44 million tons of oil was transported via the Russian-Chinese pipeline

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Alternative energy in Kamchatka is rapidly gaining momentum

As part of the development of alternative energy directions in the region, the regional administration actively promotes the construction of the Zhupanov hydroelectric power station

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Total energy

In 2019, two energy districts of Yakutia were connected to the Unified Energy System of Russia

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Sunny land

Transbaikalia has taken up the development of "green" energy

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“The energy system in the east of Russia is developing rapidly”

Vitaly Sungurov, General Director of the branch of JSC SO UES of the ODU of the East, on plans for the development of the power system

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Far East - 2.0 economy?

From scallop farms to technocratic schools - what is offered to the region’s national development program

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Yakut bulbs insure against blackout

The accession of the two energy districts of the region to the energy system of the Far East should mitigate the consequences of accidents.

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With the gazing dollar alone

Far Eastern power engineers still do not receive compensation for gas prices that have risen from Exxon

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Upgrading capacity

Construction projects of the Khabarovsk CHPP-4 and Artyomovskaya CHPP-2 can enter the federal program

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Tariffs for someone else's account

48 billion rubles will overpay for electricity Russian consumers in the interests of the Far East next year

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"Eastern" will warm the fifth part of Vladivostok

In the main city of Primorye, a CHP plant was commissioned, built according to the most modern technological standards. Similar objects of generation here did not hand over more than 40 years.

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The atom will be allowed to sail

Chukotka economy in anticipation of a floating nuclear power unit

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Friendly power lines

The "accessible nest" program for a rare Far Eastern stork

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Twenty hours from the center

As well as whether they live in the village of Polina Osipenko in the Khabarovsk Territory, it was found out by EastRussia

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Birobidzhan CHP plant - 60 years!

The history of Birobidzhan is difficult to imagine without the city's thermal power station. Heat, and some time and electricity in the homes of local residents - it has always been her merit

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"We are at the very beginning of the journey"

Alexey Bondar, Director of Primorye branch of the Russian Energy Agency FGBU, on the energy of the macroregion

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Towards the sun and the wind

What is being done in the Far East for the development of renewable energy

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Bright half of the sun and the wind

"Svetloe" and "Unchi" input base will work at the expense of alternative energy sources

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"Academician" for 70 megawatts

As in Murmansk met the floating APEC for the Far East

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"Consumers will be able to receive electricity at low prices"

Aggreko CEO Chris Weston - about the economic efficiency of the company's mobile power plants in the Far East

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Submarines without gas

Why the NOVATEK LNG terminal project in Kamchatka could rise in price by $ 500 million

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Restoring the natural balance

JSC "DGC" more than 10 years implement projects aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment

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Myths and Tariffs

Energy of the regional center of the EAO lives in conditions of chronic underfunding

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"They start to count - and do not return"

Why do investors choose regions with better infrastructure, and this is not the Far East

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Tariff Leveling: Pros and Cons

How will the decrease in the energy tariff for the DFO affect the work of enterprises in the Far East, the rest of Russia and the country's energy system

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There were forty forty

Why did RusHydro three times postpone the launch of the Yakutsk SDPP-2 and do not fit the deadline for completing the construction of other facilities financed by the state

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Weak mediation

Fraud in the sphere of housing and communal services and the lack of a proper response from law enforcement agencies force the power engineers to talk about the need to charge the energy directly from the population, bypassing the Criminal Code

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Electricity brakes

Will the development of renewable energy supply help the reliability of power supply to Far Eastern consumers?

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The cards of Gazprom and Rosneft disclosed to the president

What was presented to Vladimir Putin at the rehearsal meeting of the WEF

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Far East - no pairs

Why is RusHydro ready to introduce hydroelectric power stations in the Amur region, but is slow to introduce five other thermal power plants

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On an equal footing - become

How in practice are the norms for equalization of energy tariffs in the Far Eastern Federal District

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Where are foreign investments going?

From tomatoes to oil: what projects in the Far East actually turned out to be attractive for foreign business

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Without housing there will be no current

In the subtleties of attracting personnel to Sakhalin understands EastRussia

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Life at the conclusion does not end

After the Bilibino NPP is shut down, two thirds of the personnel plan to continue working on it

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Heat according to plan

Primorye entered the heating season earlier than usual

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We do not have surplus electricity

The project for the construction of an export submarine cable from Sakhalin to Hokkaido is not yet undergoing an economic feasibility study

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The Way to Leadership

The Far East in the coming years will become a leader in the energy sector

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The scheme loses stations

One HPP, new CHP plants in Artem and Khabarovsk, power lines for export to China from nonexistent generation facilities - such is the updated scheme of energy development in the Far East

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Crimea: help from the east

From Vladivostok to the Crimea, two mobile power stations were delivered

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Gigawatts for replacement

JSC "RAO Energy Systems of the East" began designing three new power facilities for Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Artem. It is expected that the CHP will be put into operation in 2018-2022 years

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"We need to work with Iran"

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Is it a pipe?

Experts of the international forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia in the 21st Century" about the turn to the East: if we do not succeed in the next five years, we will be late

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Russia-India: Reboot

At the Russian-Indian summit held in New Delhi, there were signed the order of 20 agreements worth several tens of billions of dollars

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Yakutia adopts the law on renewable energy - this will speed up the development of alternative energy

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The dilemma of "peaceful atom"

What does the accident at the Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant really mean for Japan?

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The only question is the speed of movement

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"The economic effect is already noticeable"

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Tariff plan

"The Far East remained a separate island where market mechanisms do not work"

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The feasibility of renewable energy is based on the regions

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The economic effect of RES is obvious

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A contagious example

The energy market in the Far East expands as the cost of imported fuel increases.

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Eco-system on a hybrid

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Green energy for islands

The islands are home to about 11% of the world's population - more than 730 million people

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"We propose not to be limited to China"

Acting head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor Borisov addressed journalists in Moscow

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Energy and transport

Historical agreements on investment in the Far East signed in Beijing

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Back to the future: the restart of Japanese nuclear power plants

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Unpopular thoughts on the price of electricity

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For the development of coastal areas of the Khabarovsk Territory the most important is the energy infrastructure

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USA: light breathing of "green energy"

Battleships on biofuel entered the American grouping

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APEC: the price of light

With the development of market relations, the reform of the energy industry and the integration of our country into the world economy, fluctuations in electricity prices become more noticeable

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Khabarovsk Territory: growth centers

What can the regional economy rely on?

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What the atom can do and how it is used by Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries

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