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Interview Golden prospects of Kolyma

General Director of the Pavlik Gold Ore Company on the development of the industry in the Magadan Region

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Interview Head of Far East Development Fund: it’s time to harvest an intermediate crop

Alexey Chekunkov spoke about the new projects of the fund and the main agreements signed at WEF-2019

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Opinions We are sorely lacking competent officials

Where to find and can I teach? Reasoning MPA FEFU Program Manager Mikhail Krivopal

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Success story “We have no competitors in the housing market in Primorye”

The company "East Luch" builds houses in a short time and keeps low prices for apartments

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Kamchatka For forests and cities

How environmental programs work in Kamchatka

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Analytics Farmers need ports

In the Far East, the problem of transportation, storage and transshipment of agricultural products was identified

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Analytics Far East Window to Asia Pacific

FEFD is becoming an increasingly attractive partner for Asia-Pacific countries

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The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) “The bridge across the Lena should be a key project for the Far East”

The Chairman of the Government of Yakutia summed up the results of the WEF-2019 for the republic

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