In Spite of the Records

Many often wonder whether the Far East can fulfill the requirements of a demanding tourist. As if in other countries the best minds work on touristic brand development, and it is not possible to independently do the same here. EastRussia presents the projects that are already successfully operating in the Far East.

Tourist information center of the Kamchatka Region

The amazing is just around the corner.

Pictures of an icehouse hotel in Finnish Lapland were published in multiple glossy issues. But who is aware that from December to May, a unique snow hotel is open in Kamchatka?

In the valley of the Plotnikova river, near the Nachiky resort, a snow hotel opened its ice doors. The walls of the building made of snow bricks are decorated with carvings. The guest house can accommodate a company of up to 8 people. The temperature inside the snow house is 0–3 °С, but the owners stress that there are no reasons to panic, as the beds with furs and a special sleeping system will keep the guests warm. The cozy ambiance of the ice kingdom is supplemented with a warm canteen and a swimming pool with hot thermal water.

Unusual excursions are arranged at the snowhouse hotel. One may live a day in the life of an ancient Chavchuven, an aboriginal Koryak, to learn about the culture and traditions of this people. Or follow a hunter's path on snowshoes or sky with a spear or lasso. In any case, in the end you will have warm and flavoured herbal tea.

Along the slope!

To make the winter really hot, one doesn't have to go to far-off lands: unforgettable vacations are waiting for those keen on extreme sports in their own country. Please meet: Sakhalin, a perfect place for mountain conquerors!

The season here lasts for almost 6 months, from December to late April. The slopes sparkling under the sun welcome guests both on holidays, and in spring, when the holiday season ends, and the tracks become less crowded.

The heart of Sakhalin, the Gorny Vozdukh center, receives dozens of thousands of tourists annually from around the world. The competitions of the Far East Cup took place here, which were attended by the best athletes from Russia, China, Japan, and South Korea.

The area of the center is 800 ha, and it is surrounded by 35 cozy hotels suitable for every taste and budget. One may choose a quite hotel for family vacations with children or a vivid place with parties.

But the most important reason to visit the resort are the 14 tracks of various difficulty with the total length of 25 km, the longest of which is 4.4 km. Those preferring speed skiing will enjoy the red tracks, and true extreme lovers will get an opportunity to take the challenge of the black ones. On the slopes of the 601 m Bolshevik mountain, there are areas for rookies as well. 3 ski lifts bring tourists to the peaks.

Lots of attention is paid to the comfort of tourists on Sakhalin: since the previous year, tours to the main Sakhalin resort became package tours. On the web-site of Gorny Vozdukh, one can book a hotel, and simultaneously pay for their accommodation, flight, and skiing or snowboarding classes. One can also rent equipment there and purchase a ski-pass that is rechargeable via a mobile app on one's phone.

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