Live like inside a volcano

Free Port resident is to build 5 star hotel of unique architecture in the capital of Kamchatka

Construction of a hotel complex up to the worldclass standards started in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: within walking distance from the historic center of the city, with a magnificent view over the Avachinsky Bay, a modern building will soon rise to combine the hotel service of 4-5 stars and multiple entertainment opportunities. The project initiator obtained the status of Free Port Vladivostok resident to facilitate import of equipment and save on taxes, and engages the federal and international level structures to take part in the project, although the money invested are only his own. The new hotel which name shall be selected during a special contest, promises to become one of the attractions of volcano country, since outside appearance of the hotel itself will resemble a volcano.

Initiator of the project for construction of the hotel complex at Leningradskaya Street in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky became top management of Vityaz-Aero, Kamchatka's leading helicopter transport operator. In 2016, LLC Noviy Dom presented the respective investment project, having started the preliminary works. In January 2017, the company obtained the status of the Free Port Vladivostok resident in Kamchatka. Private investments to the project are estimated at 2 billion rubles, the project payback period, at 8 years. Construction has begun this spring, although before that, the complicated relief caused the constructor to erect the retaining wall, which goes down to the depth of 20 meters. There are currently 150 people working at the construction site, but at the time to make finishing works, their number will increase up to 300 people.

The total area of the future complex with variable number of floors is around 28 thousand square meters. "The complex will be of mixed purpose: hotel, entertainment, tourist, business," explains Dmitry Kotov, the project manager. "It will include, first of all, the hotel tower for 180 rooms, or 300 beds. The hotel will have a grade not lower than 4+ or 5 stars: this is the first hotel of this class in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, and probably the only one for many years to remain, since the flow of tourists of this level is not too big. The hotel will be managed by Alliance Hotel Management from Moscow. Second, the complex will have a concert hall, which will also serve as the conference hall, for 600 seats. Third, there will be a large fitness center there, with 25-meter full-size swimming pool, SPA center and Korean style baths. Also, the complex shall include office premises and various entertainment facilities, for instance, sky bar is planned to be placed on the top.

The investor's representative emphasizes that most part of the hotel complex venues "will be intended for the whole city." Besides, around 110 people will be employed at the hotel, and around 60-70 people more at the other complex facilities. Some part of highly-qualified specialists will have to be brought to the peninsula from outside.

The land with the most picturesque view next to the Kultuchny Lake embankment was selected for the new hotel complex, where previously attempts were made many times to build a hotel, but without any result so far. However, the project initiators are sure that this time the city will get the new modern complex, which appearance was created by Levon Airapetov, elite Moscow architect. The building promises to become a gem of Kamchatka capital.

"The hotel itself will resemble a volcano, with facades from gray crumpled aluminum and protruding stainless steel train reflecting the red floors of sky bar. The conference hall will be visually "flowing" from the roof down resembling lava. The office building will be glazed with the use of special white spatter and will have an uneven shape, like an ice rock," tells Dmitry Kotov.

The complex will be also unusual from the point of seismic protection: the large buildings will be actually "suspended" at the resin and metal supports which will ensure additional safety in case of an earthquake. Such structure has been so far applied only for one building in Kamchatka, the new ship terminal.

According to Dmitry Kotov estimations, the builders have already approached the midpoint of the project: the principal lower floors are planned to be completed this fall. The hotel tower will be completed in March, at the same time, erection of facade systems of Shanghai supplier will be started. Finishing works are to begin from summer 2018 by South Korean contractors, preliminary negotiations with them have already taken place. It should be noted that earlier it was reported that Dongha Co., Ltd should join the project, its representatives had had a meeting with Vladimir Ilyukhin, Governor of Kamchatka.
"Commissioning of the main building is scheduled for the second half of 2019, although it is possible that some works will continue beyond that time, for instance, fitness center may be opened a little later. Besides, the second stage of the project envisages creation of a visit center for exhibitions and a park across the road, on the Kultuchny lakeside. We will be starting this project not earlier than the end of 2018," specifies Dmitry Kotov. Apart from development of park zone and visit center, it is planned to get the purification facilities up and running, as well as to build the helicopter platform necessary to deliver tourists and for operation of fire and sanitary aviation.

Dmitry Kotov stresses that the investor is planning to make use of the Free Port Vladivostok regime minimum for two purposes: duty free import of equipment and the labor compensation fund benefits. "Besides, there is lowered VAT rate applicable. On the whole, I may say, this regime is quite a good thing, and it is especially good for the large-scale projects," he sums up. Dmitry Shcherbakov Теги:
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