The best tourism is away from civilization

"Despite New Zealand and a bunch of other mind-blowing things, all the same, Kamchatka is the most breathtaking place on earth. On Earth", so says Evgeny Kaspersky in his blog about his favorite vacation spot

The leading expert in the field of information security told about why he chooses Kamchatka and what other places he plans to visit.

Evgeny Kaspersky
– Do you remember your first trip to the Far East? What was the year, the region, and what were the brightest impressions?
– I came to the Far East for the first time in the distant year of 1984, but that was not tourism – I was in a student construction team in the city of Kholmsk on Sakhalin. I built roads for a whole month and even brought home some money.

In the period of my student years, I heard from a friend of my parents that there were two absolutely amazing places he loved with all his heart: Kamchatka and Altai.

I was in Kamchatka for the first time in 2006. Since then, I've been there five times already, and I definitely plan to come again. From my point of view, this is the best, most interesting place on our planet. The most vivid impressions are associated with the stunning wildlife and volcanoes. Before going on a trip, I received good advice from one employee from Kamchatka: you shouldn't go there by yourself, as it's much better to apply for help to a local agency, to specialists, because this is a special place and tourism is complicated there. I think this is a useful recommendation.

I have also been to the Kuril Islands, but this is a separate story, although it is also very interesting.

– How has the tourist service in the region changed in recent years?
– I must say I do not know anything about tourism in much of the Far East. I'd like to get to Vladivostok very much, but this has not yet happened. In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, it has become much better in the past ten years in terms of hotels. The airport is developing. But the most important thing is that the wildlife has not changed. Except perhaps that the trails have been overgrown with elfin wood because of warm winters. But from my point of view, this lack of change is good. If there, in the middle of wild nature, highways and hotels are built, it is more likely that it will not be so interesting to walk with a backpack. For me, the best tourism is away from civilization.

– What, in your opinion, is preventing the development of tourism in Kamchatka?
– It is relatively high prices that impede Kamchatka. At the same time, it is a niche tourism, and it is unlikely that it will ever become a mass industry. A short season, a month or two, few people, almost no infrastructure. After all, if you look from Moscow, it's too far to fly there. I do not really understand how one could make trips there much cheaper.

– Are you planning your next trip?
– The next big trip is planned to be made to the mountains of Tien-Shan, to Kyrgyzstan. In the Far East I want to get to Vladivostok, as well as to the Shantar Islands in the Sea of Okhotsk, and to see with my own eyes the Kondyor. Those who know will understand; however, I do not know if it's even possible to get there at all...

– In your opinion, what new and non-standard approaches to the development of tourism could lead to a significant result?
– It would be great to think of something to solve the problem of mosquitoes and gnats. However, I do not know what one can invent here. Seriously, in the Far East, there are a lot of interesting things for various types of tourists. These lands attract motor tourists, outdoorsmen, and adrenaline addicts of all kinds. Of course, it is necessary to talk more about unique places so that people know about them.

Good results are also brought by standard approaches: the availability of honest service, as well as cleanliness and hospitality. A lack of comfort is not a problem if we talk about remote and wild places.

About the author

Evgeny Kaspersky is a programmer, the founder and the Director General of the company Kaspersky Lab. Hobby is traveling, outdoor activities: mountain skiing, mountaineering, kayak rafting. He has written several books, including "Travel Notes" and "The Top 100 Places in This World which Really Need to Be Seen." Теги:
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