The Protection of Sites in the North – opportunities without borders

Major holding companies have entrusted their security to the Private Security Company "Arsenal Sankt-Peterburg"

Private Security Company "Arsenal Sankt-Peterburg"

Today, private security companies are gradually coming to a more qualitative level of rendering services. This is largely due to recent legislative changes in private security activities, made in order to build stronger standards for the operation of the industry. The current situation sees small, underdeveloped businesses that provide services for the protection of small sites being ousted from the market and, on the contrary, more opportunities for big businesses, which are ready to provide the effective protection of complex high-tech sites.

The opportunities for those enterprises that have gained a high reputation in implementing security activities are multi-faced, and the largest holdings trust the security of their strategic sites to the Private Security Company "Arsenal Sankt-Peterburg", which carries out the protection of sites throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and, in particular, in northern regions with severe climatic conditions requiring unconventional security solutions.

This is proven by the protection of major construction projects, such as:

·         the main gas pipeline "Power of Siberia",

·         the Bovanenkovskoye, Yamburgskoye, South-Tambeyskoye, Urengoyskoye oil, gas and condensate fields,

·         the Kirinskoye, South-Tambeyskoye gas condensate fields.

The establishment of integrated protection for such large-scale sites undergoes a multi-stage design process. For the full-featured functioning of security services on large territories, not only are professional human resources involved, but also the nuances of a site are studied (from the location to the economic situation in the region), modern security management systems are implemented, and the amount of technical equipment, aircraft to patrol the territories, and multicolumn car fleet necessity is determined. The organization spends a tremendous effort on qualitative development because it is necessary to always stay ahead of the curve in the constantly changing conditions of the industry.


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