Top 5 Investment Projects in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

In July 2015, the Komsomolsk-on-Amur municipal government established a project office of the Investment and Development Agency. The main task set by the city mayor, for the Agency, in particular, is to simplify the investors' work, as well as to do everything possible to deliver fast, clear, and transparent decision-making on each business project.


According to Anton Arbuzov, CEO of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Investment and Development Agency, they are using the best achievements of Russian municipalities in interacting with investors, in particular, those of the city of Cherepovets.

Working with an investor bases on a single-window principle, which means that an applicant submits a set of documents in one place, after which the agency takes care of all the execution and approval procedures.

The Agency creates a favorable environment for investment. It coordinates active interaction between the government and business and development institutions. It also promotes the city's investment potential.

INVEST+ magazine has published the top-5 most attractive investment projects in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

"Sporina" recreation area

Creating infrastructure for active and quiet recreation within a 3-hectare area. It will consist of four basic recreational zones (children's zone, sports zone, BBQ zone, and common use zone), all of these equipped with modern complexes, sports and touristic equipment and small architectural structures.

Implementation time: Years 2017–2021

Estimated annual number of visitors: 17,000 people

Project cost: RUB 10 million

Investment volume: RUB 10 million

Number of new jobs: 12–17

Construction of a diagnostic and treatment center "Alternativa"

Establishing an outpatient care unit with the load capacity up to 70 patients per shift. Surgical and Internal Medicine units, seven hospital beds each, with the possibility of twenty-four-hour care (including medical laser technologies and microsurgery methods), a six-bed daytime unit (including palliative care), and a Diagnostic unit.

Implementation time: Years 2015–2017

Estimated annual number of visitors: outpatient care for 17,000 visits per year.

Project cost: RUB 100 million

Investment volume: RUB 70 million

Number of new jobs: 50

Renovating the "Metallurg" sanatorium complex

Repairing and renovating the premises, buying modern equipment, implementing new treatment methods, enlarging the medical staff. Using innovative after-treatment methods for those who suffered injuries or underwent chemo- and radio-therapy. Anti-stress therapy using specialized medical equipment and psychological aid. After-care for athletes, post-traumatic therapy. By 2018, it is planned to construct a new balneary and spa complex out of the profits from the existing health care complex and with the use of borrowed funds.

Implementation time: Years 2016–2021

Estimated annual number of visitors: 1,500 people

Project cost: RUB 60 million

Investment volume: RUB 6,850 million

Number of new jobs: 30

Launching production of complete passenger and freight elevators and electrical equipment

Creating a production area for manufacturing spare parts and accessories that do not require data sheets on product safety. If a modern metal-processing shop is launched, it will be possible to develop the production up to the level of an independent regional company, manufacturing a wide range of lifting and electrical equipment for the entire Far Eastern region. A possibility to manufacture electrical devices is also provided.

Implementation time: 5 years

Estimated annual number of lifts: 240 pcs.

Project cost: RUB 60 million

Investment volume: RUB 16 million

Number of new jobs: 25–30

Building a truck assembling plant

The project is to be implemented in several stages. First, it is planned to organize a pilot facility for assembling motor vehicles within the Territory of Priority Social and Economic Development “Komsomolsk”, based on the Amurlitmash facilities, with the estimated annual output of 500 units (the first stage). The aim is to bring the manufacturing of chassis, welding and further painting of the body, to organize auto-tire supplies from the Russian manufactures and, later, use only Russian parts for assembling (in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk) into the region. To reach this goal, the plan runs to construct a standard SKD (Semi Knocked Down) Plant (the second and the third stages) with the estimated annual output of 2,000–4,000 units. The fourth stage includes organizing stores and service centers for repairing and modernizing the vehicles in Russia according to the 4S standard.

Implementation time: Years 2016–2021

Project cost: RUB 100 million

Investment volume: RUB 100 million

Number of new jobs: 1,000

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