Sixty Steps for Integrated Development

The integrated development plan for Komsomolsk-on-Amur presents a unique scenario for solving the specific problems of a specific city

Komsomolsk-on-Amur is the fourth populated city in the Russian Far East and a major industrial center. All military and civilian airplane production of the Far East Federal District is located here, as well as all production of sheet metal and metals of various grades, 60% of all oil production in the District, 48% of all industrial production in the Khabarovsk Krai, and provides for 35% of all its industrial employment.


The city is home to internationally recognized companies with top-rated specialists employed. However, the city's urban infrastructure is clearly lagging behind, compared to the development level of the city's human capital.

In December 2015, in his address to the Federal Assembly, the Russian President set the task of preparation for and confirmation of a comprehensive plan for the urban development of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, aimed at rapidly improving the urban and social infrastructure and the quality of life of its citizens.

In order to define what activities are necessary, a sociological polling of the population collected the opinions of inhabitants. As a result, 7 primary directions were included into the worked-out plan: education, healthcare, culture and sports, development of the city's power engineering, transportation and communal infrastructure, development of currently operating businesses, and creation of new businesses within the framework of the Komsomolsk Territory of Priority Development.

Overall, the plan contains 60 items, including 33 organizational activities and the creation of 27 infrastructure projects. The total amount of financing required is 62.9 billion rubles, which comprises 49.3 billion from the federal budget, 6.5 billion from the Khabarovsk Krai budget and 7.2 billion from extra-budgetary sources. The majority of the activities and construction projects will be complete by 2020, while seven organizational activities and one project – the repairs and reconstruction of the Khabarovsk-Lidoga-Vanino Highway – are planned for completion by 2025.

The plan calls for the construction of a daycare, a children's hospital, a school, an educational and physical fitness center, creation of a multidisciplinary university based on the currently operating educational organizations, a regional sports center with a 5,000-seat football (soccer) stadium, reconstruction of the local Drama Theater, and the construction of an oncological center.

The plan also contains construction projects on energy infrastructure. These are heating systems, facilities for gas distribution and a complex for electricity network distribution, which will be necessary for the development of new housing construction. Also included are water supply and sewage infrastructure improvements, as well as new flood control defenses for the city. The plan also calls for the reconstruction of the urban road system, organization of affordable air travel and the development of a rapid rail transport service.

The implementation of this plan will allow the city to reach the necessary norms in terms of providing quality of life for its residents, through proper social facilities, engineering and transport infrastructure. This will stem the negative trend of net population outflow and guarantee an increase in the number of inhabitants.

The plan calls for spending 1.2 billion rubles on brand new infrastructure for the Komsomolsk Territory of Priority Development. It is planned to develop several industrial businesses in the TP: an enterprise for the advanced preprocessing of wood, a large plant for the development and production of aircraft parts, a fish processing factory and other production facilities.

As part of the process of improving the current regulatory framework, the residents of the TPD will obtain the ability to take advantage of the various regional programs for increased mobility of labor resources. The Far East Agency for Human Capital Development is engaged in this work.

In addition to this, specific activities to increase loading on local Komsomolsk-on-Amur enterprises have been included in the plan, for example:

- A program for the localization in the Komsomolsk TPD of manufactures of aircraft parts and products needed by both the military and civilian aviation sectors. The plan foresees changes to legislation, establishing the rights of state-owned companies to place orders with resident enterprises of the TPD on a long-term basis and on preferential terms and conditions.

- A program to develop the metallurgical company Amurmetall JSC, including a reduction of tariffs for rail transportation of scrap iron, which is destined for stations in the Far East.

In order to consolidate all existing resources, 9 Russian Federation governmental programs, 19 ministries and state agencies and such key state companies as the United Aircraft Corporation, United Shipbuilding Corporation, Russian Railways, Rosneft and Gazprom, are involved in the plan.

In fact, this plan is a model solution and a potential precedent for developing comprehensive solutions to problems in other territories of the Russian Far East. The document was developed by the Khabarovsk Krai Administration with the participation of the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East and adopted in record time: only five months passed from the moment the plan went into development until its final approval.

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