Vostochny Port is increasing capacity

Next year, the third phase of the specialized coal terminal of Vostochny Port JSC will become operational in Primorsky Krai

After its commissioning, the cargo traffic at Russia’s largest stevedore company will increase from 22.8 million tons of coal in 2015, to 39 million tons in 2019. At the end of that year, this company will account for about 50% of the overall cargo traffic of all coal ports in the Far Eastern Basin. 


The total investments amount to approximately 27 billion rubles. The construction of this high-tech terminal is being carried out without any government financing. Currently, about 75% of this largest port investment project in the Far East has been completed.

The construction work on the third phase of the coal terminal of Vostochny Port JSC in Primorsky Krai started in December 2012. The commissioning has been planned for the year 2017. The new platform of the specialized coal production and handling complex includes two railway parks near the Nakhodka-Vostochnaya train station, one of which will be handed over to Russian Railways CJSC without any compensation, in accordance with the technical connection contract. This project involves the creation, from ground-zero, of an entire railway infrastructure that is necessary for the transshipment of coal. It is located on a 54-hectare territory and includes the construction of four warehouses for the simultaneous storage of around 800,000 tons of cargo, of two stackers, four reclaimers, railway wagon defrosting devices for the simultaneous heating of 80 open wagons, conveyor belt systems, and two tandem rotary-type wagon dumpers. The project also includes the construction of a deep-water dock, which is intended to host vessels with dead weights of up to 180 tons, and the installation of two powerful vessel-loading devices.

Currently, 90% of the main equipment of the third phase has already been installed. Four specialized bucket loaders (reclaimers) have already been installed. The assembly work on 2 stackers (machines that form coal stockpiles in warehouses) is in progress. In parallel, conveyor lines are being installed on the entire territory of the third phase. The next stage of this project will involve the construction of the wagon defrosting devices and railroad infrastructure.

After completion of the third phase, the Vostochny Port sea terminal warehouses will have a capacity of 1.6 million tons, and there will be full interconnection capabilities between all production complexes of the terminal.

The uniqueness of the third phase is not only due to its large scale. It is expected that it will become the most eco-friendly coal terminal in Primorsky Krai. Right from the start of operations, it will be equipped with the most modern aspiration and dust suppression systems, and a multi-stage filtration system that is able to purify wastewater to such a degree, that it would meet fishery pond standards. This is similar to the equipment and installations that are already in place and operating at other facilities of the Vostochny Port JSC.

According to Anatoly Lazarev, Managing Director of Vostochny Port JSC, the private sector is presently supporting the goals and targets that were set by the government. At the same time, the development of the port infrastructure in the Far East will also be profitable for the port itself. Long-term contracts for 3 to 5-year periods, which guarantee cargo loading volumes, and great work experience on the Russian coal export market, allow us to minimize the financial risks associated with the significant increase in capacity – to almost twice the present level – of the Vostochny Port JSC.

“The third phase of Vostochny Port JSC, including the additional railway parks, is being built without any government financing,” Anatoly Lazarev told the EastRussia News Agency. “The overall investments amount to approximately 27 billion rubles.”

The Vostochny Port JSC development project has secured a long-term cargo loading volumes. “In order to ensure the successful operation of a company in this sector, three important components are required: an experienced team, reliable equipment and a client base,” noted Anatoly Lazarev, Managing Director of Vostochny Port JSC. “We have the first component, and our company has always been proud of its qualified personnel. As for the second component – the equipment for the third phase of the coal-handling complex is supplied by the world’s leading producers of specialized technology solutions. And finally, the third component – in 2015, during the first Eastern Economic Forum, we signed a number of agreements with the largest coal producing companies in Russia (Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company OJSC and Siberian Coal Energy Company JSC) on cooperation and collaboration in terms of organization and provision of transshipments. These agreements already guarantee to load a part of the capacity of the third phase up until 2030.” 

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